Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because Even Good Girls Need To Have Some Fun

Last weekend, after church, while baptism was going on in the basement 5 floors down, a bunch of girlfriends and I made plans to sing our lungs out at RedBox one night this week. Last night, specifically.

The Silencer, Barbie Girl, Teh Teh, Chatty Lass and Yours Truly.

Out of the lot of us, one lurrves to sing but has never ever been to a karaoke joint, one had never actually sung in karaoke although she has visited before, one apparently sings but absolutely refuses to sing with a mic, and two others just want to hog the mics all night long and never let go. HAHA. (No, I'm not telling you who's who. =p) O, what a messed up bunch we are!

But we had fun. Until SOMEBODY had to go home 3.5 hours before times-up cos she got curfew. Can you imagine how many million billion gazillion songs we could have sung in 3.5 hours!? Haih! That SOMEBODY ah. I'm not telling you who that SOMEBODY was lah. And I'm not naming that SOMEBODY's name. But now you know. It was S-O-M-E-B-O-D-Y.


Anyway, to immortalise our night out, we ended up taking the pictures I published above. And then... as it always is when girls get together, massive camwhoring just very naturally ensued. =p

I dunno if it's cos we're all from different generations or what lah but... in the end, the ONLY song that all five of us could semangat-ly sing together was BSB's I'll Never Break Your Heart. -_- We even stood up and did the necessary super feeeeel boyband moves. -_-''' Wah, luckily no waiter walked in on us singing that, man. Or else really I cannot show my face at RedBox again. HAHAHA.

Thanks for a great night out, ladies! We shall do this again sometime! And that next time, we should probably sing in the morning or afternoon. Perhaps on a public holiday or something. That time, that SOMEBODY better dun tell me she got NOON curfew. Hahaha.


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