Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Things I Remember Best From Lipstick Jungle, Season 2

I'm done! (Yay? Boo hoo? Dang, I can't decide.)

Anyhoo, no time for grandmother stories right now cos I've got to hit the sack ASAP. Early morning recording tomorrow. But but BUT... since I'm such a wunnerful blogger who just cares so much about her readers (i.e. YOU), I'm going to leave you with some things I learned from Lipstick Jungle, Season 2. Thank me tomorrow cos after this is done, I'm going to bed. =)


• Cheating partners (i.e. husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriend, etc) deserve to die.

• If you're no longer together but still find yourself getting jealous when your ex walks into the room with someone else, you're not over them.

• If you're partners (i.e. husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, etc) and you can't talk, you're just roommates.

• The higher you go, the harder you fall so you better keep your eye on that ledge.

• Don't ever think you're too strong to fall. Even the best of us fail sometimes. Being negligent and positioning yourself where its risky isn't ever worth the risk.

• Not everybody has the luxury of having a happy ending.

• Lying should NEVER be an option. Not even if it's a tiny lie over something you think nobody's going to find out about. It always comes out. And the results aren't ever pretty.

• You don't always get who you want.

• People don't always fall for who's best for them.

• Inside every successful man is a scared little boy.

• Mr Nice Guy doesn't always win.

• To a girl, 2 HUGE luggage bags means "packing light".

• There's nothing a weekend away with the girls can't fix.

• You drink liquor, you age quicker.

• Everybody needs a bit of quiet sometimes.

• No matter where you are, always look up. There's a star shining down on you. Even if you can't see it.

• You can take the girl out of the city but never the city out of the girl.

• Love never dies.

• If you know what you want, go for it.

• Who said a girl can't propose? (Okay, fine. Me. -_-') Things are different now.

• Second childhoods suck.

• Nobody likes a drunk partner.

• It takes effort, sacrifice, humility and understanding to make a marriage work.

• The problem with being on top is that you can't go anywhere but down.

• Skinny jeans/pants/slacks don't work on all men. Better make sure you're not one of them if you're planning on following that trend.

• You can't let money define who you are.

• You can lose everything you own, everything you have, but when own someone's heart, you have everything.

• When someone owns your heart, you never ever let them go.

• With I DOs, there can be no BUTs.

• The keepers are those who'd marry you in a heartbeat... even if you're broke.

• Not everybody likes extravagance. Casual can be cool, too.

• Girls talk. Deal with it.

• When you know who you want, you do whatever it takes to make it happen.


You know what sucks? The fact that the wedding Season 2 promised me won't be coming. BOO THEM! Why'd they can a good thing!? >(


Oh, and if I start dating and I'm not hotter than my future MIL, please kill me. To go on living knowing I'll have to face hotter-than-me her would be a fate worse than death. Thank you. Nights!

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陈一豪 said...


sy1n said...

waaaa... nice summary! taking notes in my 555 notepad :)

Spectre said...

Woah: PAM turn into A lIFE GURU?

Jack said...

darn.. u took the self discovery out *humph*

nevertheless nice summary..

pamsong said...

ATTN: 陈一豪

ATTN: sy1n
– Hahaha. So old school. Haha. Like prefect's book liddat. =p

ATTN: Spectre
– Always also life guru lah. You now only notice ah? Hahahaha. =p

ATTN: Jack
– I didn't give any spoilers also!

yapthomas said...

Sharings is carings... :P

lydiascl said...

i'd like to repost your observations..
and quote you, of cos..

pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– Indeed it is! =p

ATTN: lydiascl
– Haha. Go ahead. Leave me a link when you're done! =p

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