Friday, September 11, 2009

DiGi Music Maniaaaa!!!

Ever since I decided to boycott, I’ve been looking for another place to listen to tunes, share music, and create playlists online. An easy-to-navigate online portal that offers me the best in today’s music (and yesterday’s, too – I’m getting old T_T) at the lowest price possible. And preferably one that charges me in Malaysian Ringgit and not in Pounds or Dollars, too. (I don’t want to have to eat grass all month just cos I like listening to music.)

I’m letting you in on a secret today.

I’m going to tell you my newly discovered,
top secret, one-stop music station:

It’s like a total music experience in a website lor. Can listen, download, share and create playlists. And FYI, downloads are UNLIMITED (Yay!), and you get to choose 5 songs out of a hot list of DRM-free songs to keep permanently every month. And it’s not like they give you cipelak, no class mp3s because they charge so little. (We talk $ later! =p) You get to download high quality stuff, okay! Only 256Kbps mp3s will be made available. They are also guaranteed to be uncorrupted and without virus so… Relek! =p

Oh, but wait wait wait… Did I forget to mention that you can browse the site from your phone, too? I mean, ya lah. Technically you can browse any site from your mobile (duh) but what’s great about DiGi’s Music WAP is that you can browse and download at no additional charge! There will be zero data charges. That means that your GPRS/EDGE usage is FREE! Siao bo, I ask you?? Doesn’t get any better than this lorrr…

So how to register??

Very easy only. As long as you can count to 5,
you can do. Haha. Close one eye also can settle.


Log on to then click on Subscribe to Unlimited Music. (If you’re really, really, REALLY lazy, you can click on the links I’ve provided. SEE HOW NICE I AM TO YOU??) You’ll see this:

Take a look at that green box
for logins and registrations.

First-timers, you click Register.

Fill in your mobile number and choose a password. And that’s it! You’re done! Time to begin discovering unlimited music.


There are a billion, trillion, gazillion songs available on the site. The list is endless! (Ok, fine. I admit that I dunno exactly how much but trust me it’s A LOT. If you’re stranded on an island, you can listen until you die also listen cannot finish lorrr.)

And it’s not like you’ve gotta be at your comp to do this. You can download as much music as you want on-the-go via DiGi Music WAP from your mobile. After all, it costs nothing so you might as well go at it till you’re satisfied. Kiasu-ism is the name of the game, boys and girls! Haha.


Next, you can go on to creating your own playlists
by grouping your favourite songs together.

And since it’s pretty much an online community of subscribers, you can even keep your friends updated with the portal’s shout-out function. This community spirit thing they’ve got going on is pretty cool cos you can even search for friends who love the same type of music you do! But for what wanna find them? Ahhh, this is where #4 comes in.


What’s cool about the portal is that you’ll be able to share playlists between friends. So if you’ve got an awesome one you’re proud of, this is the time to spread the love! But why stop at just sharing with those you know? Share it with others on the portal, too, and let everyone know what you think about why a song’s hot or why it’s not.


But not matter how you put it, it all boils down to the experience. And that’s also what is all about – experiencing music up-close. As a member, not only do you enjoy unlimited music on the portal, you’ll also have the chance to rub shoulders with your favourite acts, too! And we’re not talking baby groups that never made it big wan lorrr. We’re talking famous people who’ve had their time on the charts. Like these boys:

*crazy fan scream*

You’ll get exclusive showcase passes and awesome prizes through special DiGi Music contests. Stuff that money can’t buy, bay-beh! And we all know that makes it even more enticing. We all want what we can’t have. So human of us, hor? Mesti sakit then only we feel it’s worth the trouble. Haha.

But I digress.

We were talking about All-American Rejects earlier.

Well, dear fans and groupies, you’ll be pleased to know that an All-American Rejects Live in KL concert is coming up! Wheee!

DATE: 10 October 2009 | VENUE: Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama

In order to stand a chance to win yourself a money-cannot-buy FREE ticket (wah, super kau redundant – haha), you’ve gotta be subscribed to Unlimited Music so what are you waiting for?? DO! IT! NOW!! Go subscribe! *click*

And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, know that it’s not just one band that’s going to blow you away. The All-American Rejects have their own opening acts, too. And they’re none ofther than these boys:

So I said I’d talk money later, right? Well, the time is now. We are standing at the edge of Truth. This is the moment. Are. You. Ready? (Why am I so drama, I also dunno. -_-) All it costs for Unlimited Music is RM5 monthly.

RM5 only! One Happy Meal
also more expensive than that lor!

And the best part is that now, you’ll even get 30 days of free trial. FREE! From RM5 (cheap) to FREE (no cost)!?! Wah. Crazy.

And technically, when you think about it, if you’ll get to watch the All-American Rejects, Disagree and One Buck Short live in concert, that means that you effectively either pay RM5 (only!!!) to watch THREE bands blow your mind… or NOTHING!!! *faints* It doesn’t get any better than this lorrrr.

But the thing is, you need to sign up with to enjoy all this and each sign-up entitles you to a ticket on a first-come-first-serve basis. (SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU ABOUT KIASU-iSM?? Dun wait! Must kiasuuuu!!!)

And since everybody’s going social these days, DiGi’s not leaving out your favourite social networking sites. You can even join DiGi’s referral program by trading favours through DiGi’s Facebook and Friendster “What I’ll Do For Music” (WIDFM) applications. The app allows users to trade favours with their friends in exchange for “friendly referral subscriptions” (meaning, your friends subscribe to DiGi Music Unlimited through you). But you only have till the 25th of September to do this so hurry!

This app is the ONLY application that gives you the chance to win MORE tickets to DiGi Music Live – The All-American Rejects concert, and exclusive All-American Rejects merchandise. Redemptions work as such:
1 REFERRAL: 1 X DiGi Music Live ticket

2 REFERRALS: 2 X DiGi Music Live tickets + 1 Goodie Bag (CD + Poster + DiGi Music Unlimited All-American Rejects lanyard + DiGi Music Unlimited t-shirt)

3 REFERRALS OR MORE: 3 X DiGi Music Live tickets + 1 Goodie Bag (CD + Poster + DiGi Music Unlimited-AAR lanyard + DiGi Music Unlimited All-American Rejects USB wristband)

Anyhoo, like all good things, redemption items are limited and available strictly on a first come, first served basis. But don’t potong semangat, the Top 20 referrers stand a chance to win DiGi Music Live: All-American Rejects “Meet-and-Greet” passes. *faints again* If you win this you get to shake hands, talk and take pictures with them! Dun play play! Maybe can steal sweaty towel also! (You didn’t hear that from me.)

Social networking apps are a free-for-all so anybody (both DiGi and non-DiGi customers) can add the application and start referring friends immediately. Thing is, you’ll need to register your application to a valid DiGi mobile number with an active DiGi Music Unlimited subscription in order to redeem your goodies.

Don’t miss out on all this, ok? Quickly go kiasu and discover unlimited music at now! Alternatively, you can also make full use of the applications made available to you on:


Joshua said...

Hi Pamsong! R u a full time blogger? U do have alot things to write wor. What a happening life you have.


pamsong said...

ATTN: Joshua
– Haha. Hi there! To answer your question, no, I'm not a full-time blogger. Would love to consider it if I wasn't earning peanuts from my blog though. Haha. Maybe someday... *wishful* =)

Huai Bin said...

5 DRM free downloads for RM 5 per month is good especially if I don't want to search high and low for rare songs. :)

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

sogou is a good website for music downloading too :)

CooolKidz said...

I can't seem to register it.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Huai Bin
– Ya lor. It IS good. I should jump. Haha.

ATTN: AmbiguousAmbitions
– Ooo. Issit? I should google it. =p

ATTN: CooolKidz
– Eh! How come ah?

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