Friday, September 11, 2009

China Wins Hands Down

Western medicine sucks. Firstly, it's expensive. You'd have to beg, steal, kill and/or sell a lung and a kidney before even beginning to think of treating or curing anything remotely "chronic" or "advanced". Then secondly, it seems that the percentage of failed procedures and inaccurate diagnosis' is higher than that of the Chinese tabibs. (I'm just assuming lah, based on very-recent personal experience.)

So, I guess with that intro,
its no surprise now if I tell you
that I'm going Eastern with my pain.

I give up on Western lah. Especially after my last and latest experience with one of the Surgeons at SJMC. He can go play masak-masak with its scalpels, stethoscope and pills for all I care. Them med grads in their fancy air-conditioned offices ain't getting my money no more. I'mma start spending my hard earned money on old Chinese uncles in Pagoda tees with (very, very, very) strong hands from now on. Pain until cry also nevermind. I kam buan. Hmmph!

p/s: Cheh, these Western med docs think they so cool with their aircon rooms. China uncle's work station also got aircon wat!


陳一豪 said...

Eh where's your doctor I don't know where to find.

My old one went Western (i.e. shitty)

Storyteller said...

Hey you.
You neglected to say what's wrong. But from your previous post, I'm guessing backache?

If backache, most likely caused by stress or mattress soft.. but u so light, it should be the cause.

try sleeping on the floor for 3 nights. That works best.

Never opt for back surgery unless the pain is unbearable and doesn't go away even on holidays.

Don't discount stress, and stress occurs even when u don't know it. Try feeling up your neck muscles on the weekend.. then feel again after a long day at work .. after a while u'll learn to listen to your body ..

pamsong said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– It's at Taman Megah. One of the 3-storey shoplots. He's good lah. Apparently there's another good one at Taipan, USJ.

ATTN: Storyteller
– Haha. I didn't want to drama drama kan the pain that's why I never said where I was hurting. Haha. But yeah, it's my back.

And mine isn't just a regular ache. I think it's cos I carried my luggage wrong or something. I got it during my holiday in Singapore. T_T

Melsong said...

Like I told you. Sleep on the floor. It worked for dee at Genting. Remember?

And start with some simple back exercises.

They work even though they seem so ineffective. Cannot aggravate the back more at this point unless it's at the hands of professionals.

I come down we do together ya?

Storyteller said...

try the sleeping on floor one la.. 2 nights.. if cannot, can think about going to a license chiropractor too ..

chinese sensei, if good, really good.. if 1/2 6 then pain lor ..

tsh said...

Aiyo beh tahan.

Go to a pharmacy and buy Kenhancer patches.. Apply 1-2 a day.. It'll sort itself out within a week. Don't go hungry while using them, can cause stomach upset.

And back pain is one of the most problematic symptoms known to medicine, with the least satisfaction/resolution rates post-consultation. So give chance lah.

Beh tahan.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Melsong
– Ya. Kor Kor also showed me back exercises. Same same like the one they showed me last time I went for physio. Quickly come down laaaa. Your daughter need you to help her walk lah.

ATTN: Storyteller
– No wor. Pain but then it's different pain. Plus, it's better now already with the sensei's kungfu hand.

ATTN: tsh
– Halo, doctor. Your Subang Jaya colleagues are a rip-off, you know? Trying to screw me over and wipe out my bank account without curing me. Feddup no end. How now? Haih. I also beh tahan.

Eh, what's Kenhancer? I'm using another one. It's like a cold patch. The SJMC doc prescribed it. Quite a big piece. Need to use two pieces and put together wan. Buat macam very high tech. You familiar with that? Is it the same as Kenhancer?

tsh said...

No ma if they sort it out at first consultation ma no money to add to their new-condo-in-damansara-heights-fund.

No it's not the same. Cold patch tak jalan. Kenhancer patch has analgesics impregnated in them. Super miracle pain relief.

If really tak jalan write this down for the pharmacist
T. Voltaren 50mg tds x 3/7

If that also tak jalan here's a stronger one.
T. Tramadol 50mg tds x 3/7
Some people get sleepy on tramadol so no forklift driving please.

Basically what you need to do is just sit out the pain, your body will sort itself out.

Unless you wake up one day with no limb function at all. You probably should go to the hospital then.

I don't recommend chiropractors. In my limited and biased experience most of them here are quacks.

Huai Bin said...

Western medicine for the win!

What can compare to, say, benzodiazepines? No Chinese equivalent and if there is, you can bet that when FDA analyses it, you'll find "Western medicine" in there too, case in point, a pill to promote sleep containing herbs from China found to have 20 mg of diazepam (Valium).

Might as well go for the real thing.

All killer, no filler! =D

Resurrected said...

Mr Stone?

Jin said...

pam pui!

long time nv comment saja kacau

Spectre said...

So that mean u got drink the *sweet and sour herbal* drink from singseh?

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