Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Blogger Says, "BRB."

Gotta find me a 7-eleven now.
Like, NOW! NOW! NOW!

Haha. Sai wanna come out already only wanna go dig hole. Haha. Giler babi last minute sial. (You'll know why in due time. IF you're attentive, that is. =p) Anybody knows where there's a 7-eleven that isn't locked at night?


Jan said...

I don't know, but i know some 7-11 refuse to open their door for you at midnight even if you want to buy sth.. they takut rompak >_<

anyway, eh i have to tell you this, my classmate is your church member and she told me that her male friends said that Pam Song is the hawtest lady in church :P
But she hasn't bump into you in church before though.. lol

Long comment, actually the main point is 2nd paragraph :P
Bye xD

pamsong said...

– Ya lor. They always chain the doors. T_T

But I found one that was open! Wheee! Hahaha. Mentari. Very happening lah that 7-Eleven. A lot of ppl even at 3AM. Haha.

Whoa. Who's your classmate?! Haha. Do I know her? And I'm very low key now compared to last time leh. How those guys know me? Maybe they got the wrong person. Haha.

Jan said...

Yea la, lol sometime wanna go buy things they prefer don sell to you..
lol issit the 7-11 near to some pub or mamak??

My classmate is cheryl lee. but i think you don't know her.. lol i don't know how they know you lol... no la, cfm is you la, pam song from tinki talks :P
Fu yoh! pam famousnya XD

pamsong said...

– It's 20m away from a mamak. Haha. Maybe that's why. You're right.

And I dun believe I've met a Cheryl Lee in CHC. Haha. Maybe someday. =p And no lah. Haha. Not famous. Just so happen your friends know about it only I think.

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