Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hey, Look! That's Kong Kong!

See that old man carrying a baby? That's my Kong Kong! My most favouritest grandpa of all time, whom I sometimes reminisce about, here on Tinki Talks. =)

Gosh, looking back at that picture, I'm reminded of just how dark he was then, no thanks to all that sun exposure out in the garden. And how he always had his reading glasses stuffed into his shirt pocket along with folded money and a million and one paper notes.

I remember the familiar jingle-jangle of keys whenever idle moments appear. And how he never minded a wait, no matter how long or boring it was. Oh, and that senget helmet he always put on whenever he was on the motorbike. On which he also sat senget-senget on. Haha.

Yeah, I remember Kong Kong alright.

Probably a little better than I remember
any of my other grandparents even.


Attended a family dinner on Monday night – grandaunt and granduncle came up from Singapore for cheng beng – when Kong Kong's younger sister (my last, living, blood-related grandaunt from my maternal side) suddenly brought out a couple of old pictures for us to look at and take home. That picture above was one...

And another was of my Kong Kong
during what I'd assume was his hey-day! Haha!

Wah! Check out that pose, man!! Haha. Damn gaya. Kong Kong sure didn't look like that after I was born. (Duh. =p) So, to be honest, I'm not really feeling this picture as much as I was the one above. Guess it's cos I don't recognise this dude with his shiny, slicked back hair. HAHA. Looks more like my uncle to me. =p

Anyway, I think old pictures like these are to be treasured. Cos one day, many many years down the road, when I'm old and grey, I'll bet my grandkids are gonna check out my early 21st century super kawaii camwhore pictures and go:

"Wah!!! Check out that pose, man! Damn gaya." 



陳一豪 said...

This is what your grandkids will look at!

Pam Song said...

ATTN: 陳一豪
– Amen! May that day come. Hahahaha.

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