Monday, March 03, 2008



The show-my-picha post worked its mojo on the Nuffnang Team and I. Finally. Got. Me. My. Pajama. Party. Tickets!!! Woo hoo!

I so rock. Heh heh.

Who else going?


~YM~ said...

Congrats!! At last the 'trade-off' pays! *grin*

Wish I could go too, just that I'm having my finals the week after. *sigh*

adrian said...

Great ON! Have some fun and shoot some pictures....I wonder how all of them look like....Yawnnnn! =P

David Cheong said...

Haha of course you got it lah! You show your hot picha mah! Hahaha!!!

Anyways, I'm going too =D, you bringing any guest along?

pamsong said...

– Haha. Yeah, at least it did. (Phew.) At least my efforts didn't go in vain. Haha. Or else super depresso, man.

So you not going? One night only mah! (I am not usually such bad influence. =p)

ATTN: adrian
– Haha. Meet the bloggers behind the blog. Should be interesting. I haven't really been so involved but I guess it would be nice. =)

ATTN: David Cheong
– Wah! You talk as though it's guaranteed. Where got liddat wan? Haha. Show pic only mah. Everybody also show their pics. Summore like hundreds and hundreds of pics with big big photo wan. Haha.

Nah, I'm not bringing any guests. I'm guessing my blogger friends will already be there. =p

So cool, hor? We all get to see who's the person behind the comments. Haha. Nuffnang is doing a great job.

David Cheong said...

Lol, you can see ME =D hahahaahha

pamsong said...

ATTN: David Cheong
– Haha. Yes yes. That, too.

Simon Seow said...

Hey, I got the same email from Robb Chew. But it didn't tell us how do we get the ticket.

See ya there, will be wearing my boxer.

~YM~ said...

Ouch, so tempted ady..hehe..
Enjoy your one night! X'D

Just the same thing, I may not be going there, but I'll be watching out for you guys/gals to do the coverage on the event in your blogs.

3POINT8 said...

I want to go!!
I want to meet the great pamsong!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Haha. Yeah, it didn't say. But hey, I was too excited that I wasn't thinking about it either. Haha. Bottom line is that I GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET!!!

See ya there!

– Haha. Wah. Sounds like a MUST blog. Okay lah. I probably will. But no guarantees that you'll see my face or any face, okay? Haha.

– Wah, need to say until liddat bo? Haha.

And all you need to do is book a ticket, 3POINT8. Listen to your heart... it will lead you home to Nuffnang's Pajama Party. =p

Chris said...

DAMN!!!! I have yet to receive the golden email, I mean golden ticket yet!!! WHY?!?!?!? ARGHHH!?!?!?!?!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Haha. Email them!!! Hound them till you get it. Haha.

sheon said...

sheon wants go also..... :(

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Go join the competition lah!

Aronil said...

I told you already for sure get la! haiyoh ms sour cream :P Tim said u only need to show a pic. for the nuffnangers, but the competition is different. :) se u there babes

pamsong said...

ATTN: Aronil
– But how you know? Not guarantee wat. Only got 300 places mah.

Haha. Okok. See ya there. You bringing G?

estherlauderlyn said...

eh eh wear the see thru nightie i got you for last last Christmas!! heh heh hehehehehhehehe.

Damn. I wanna go too :(

pamsong said...

ATTN: estherlauderlyn
– Like, you want your cousin to skin me alive ah? Haha.

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