Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So Very Many Sweetness!

Ah Beng so very many sweetness yesterday. He is knowing my day for sure no good so he got buys me chocolates for surprising! Five ball chocolate (I give him one, I eat four) in nice nice box. Summore is big big chocolate brand, you knows. Pay a lot a lot of money wan. He is making me very happy so no more not much the sadness feeling inside because people no more here.

He even got put shiny shiny paper heart at the upstairs. I ask him time, he say he is taking paper from cigarette box. Fold fold fold then use soft soft, blue blue thing roll up like phi sai and then stick up there. So very many sweetness hor?

Then you got see or not he ask me do what?

Box there say, "Smile..." So I got smile. =)


adrian said...

Haha.....you need that....lots of chocolates to keep you smiling.......

Not bad huh the Ah Beng! Introduce to us guys la.......let see whether we can get chocolates from him too......Hahaha =)

* Pam's love language = Gift giving*...Pam could be smilling all the way but the future hubby is scratching head...why?! pocket can go pokai la.....=P

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– WAH! So fast you comment!? Haha. Ya, Ah Beng can be nice when he wants to be. =p

Haha. My receiving love language ah? Hmmm. Not entirely gifts, actually. I think that gifts easier, actually. Cos anybody can get gifts. But... some other things are irreplaceable. =)

Big Boys Oven said...

walio! he is so tentative to you!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Big Boys Ove
– Haha. He has to. Or else he suffer. =p

adrian said...

Liddat....okay...okay ...rolls 4 more balls out....hehe

1. Spending quality time
2. Act of service
3. Words of encouragement
4. Physical touch.....

But I believe ALL also you WANT....Wkakakaka! =P

If use combinations, lagi worst; 32 (2^5) possible outcomes or combinations by chronology.....=P Mwahahahaha *evil laugh*

3POINT8 said...


~YM~ said...

Hee.. come on guys.. it's not whether the gift is expensive, but the thoughts that counts. The chocolate is not really expensive anyway, but the effort on it is priceless.

And add in some SURPRISE.

Bet pam would be smiling inside out. X'D

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Haha. I know those... Thing is, if can get all 5 love languages, who dun wan!? It's not liddat lah. It's just that some love languages fill our love tanks faster than others. That's why they become our love language.

And memang we all have combinations wat. Haha.

– Quite, hor?

– CORRECT!!! YM, you got it right! Spot on. It's the thought that counts. The chocolates didn't cost a bomb but what they said was priceless.

Haha. And yes, the surprise factor counts. =p

sheon said...

one thing me knows....its as hard as hell to write in bad english....

your this post..very the funny and cute....

pamsong said...

– Eh, I read back your comment... you not bad leh. Haha. You can understand girls quite well, huh? Haha. You should write more lovey dovey posts on your blog and inspire more men to be more creative than putting up billboards all over town. =p

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Haha. Yeah, it took me a little longer. =p Just wanted to try something different. After all, I'm talking about Ah Beng, right? Haha.

~YM~ said...

Owhh..I'm flattered..
But if I write it all down, no fun ady lar.. If everyone have the same ideas and do the same thing, then Ah Beng won't be special anymore. That is what makes Ah Beng SPECIAL..

And oh ya.. and me too.. X'D
Just kidding..

pamsong said...

– Haha. True. Reveal all your tactics, right? Haha. Smart. Kedekut ilmu but... smart. =p

Simon Seow said...

Hm...like that. Have to buy Royce Chocolate already. Damn.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Haha. It's Roche lah, uncle. =p Salah branding.

adrian said...

Hahaha...expected answer la......

The fact is I also know la its the intention that counts......but hor girls always gauge men with the substances too lar...

But hehe....today they expect chocolates but 3 years later, different surprises they expect.....So $$ plays a role also lar.....

Anyway, Men will not mind to spend that $$ just to make the women (close friends/ gf/ wife) that MATTERED to them happylor......=)

And Yes! All of us have combinations......but only one that I dont really weight much...=P.

It will be much easier to fill up the love tanks of the other person if we know the love languanges......Rock ON! =)))

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Men always say they know but... they actually don't. They think they know only. In theory only they know. But truth is, they don't know. They guess. Haha.

No lah. I have to disagree with your argument. For me, it's a personality thing. Core values lor. If the girl you find really think that your thoughtfulness and surprises are what matters, it doesn't matter what you go how many years down the road. It'll still be the same. If the girl changes, then it means they were never really the kind anyway. It's just that in the first 3 years, they paiseh. Seriously. I've been dating for awhile now. Not much has changed in terms of what makes me happy.

And yeah. It's better if you know the person's love language. Then it helps you both relate to one another more lovingly and both the giver and the receiver will be less drained.

adrian said...

Nope...We knew....Just that sometimes we pretend not knowing and let see what is the reaction. Then we slide in surprises at the peak! Baru ada Umpph la! =P liddat also beh hiao?! Wahahaha

And Bravo! You will make your man happy....but honestly, change is inevitable lol....just how much can the other person fits in within one's perimeter....=)

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Pfft. Konon lah PRETEND not knowing. Chei! You think you bluff 2-year-old kid ah? Haha.

And yes. Hopefully I'll make my man happy. =)

adrian said...

Hahaha.......Nope....I love bluff 2? kid and she knows that I bluff her for the sake of us!
Whahahahahahahahah =PPP
*goyang backside*

~YM~ said...

Well, one not so short comment:

Knowing but not doing = don't know

That's what I always tell my guys friends.

And nope,girlfriends are not materialistic, just that guys tend to be attracted towards materialistic females.

One last "punch":
Guys, I know it sounds nice and easy to understand to use technical terms and 'combinations',but it just won't work. Let's just say..it comes with experience. I'd my fair share of 'malu' experience.(Although some may be born with the talent)

adrian said...

Haha...thumbs up!

"Knowing but not doing = don't know"....I agree! But I doubt that we wouldnt do anything to please the women that have ever captured our hearts....=)

And correction, not all males are attracted to materialistic females. Some do, some dont.....And FYI, Im attracted to girls with strong personality not by material possesion. Women nowdays are capable just like us. You will be surprised with the number of women engineers in my workplace. They dont need our money, but to be appreciated by the man at heart.

I believe things will work out if man is sincere and serious about it....and with some blessings of time and opportunity....things will just work out! If it dont, it simply means that she is just not yours....so move on and sow on other ground in hope that you may reap bountifully....=)I had my fair share of experiences too...Rock On!

pamsong said...

– Haha. Don't worry about it. Here, we're used to lengthy comments. =p

And I disagree. Knowing but not doing is WORSE than not knowing. But to stress your case, I'll agree. =p

And hey, I agree, man. Men ARE seemingly more attracted to materialistic females. I have a theory, though. It's cos men don't want financially independent women. They want to be the breadwinners. They want to play the provider. Which, of course, I totally understand. Not a problem.

Secondly, I think it's also cos materialistic women are more often more obsessed with their looks and fashion. Hence, they tend to put in more effort into looking presentable.

ATTN: adrian
– Not all men are as willing as you are to give and give. Some people prefer to be loved than to love. I know it's sad but... it's true. So there will still be men who say they love their partners but don't do anything to appease them in any way.

And fine. SOME men are attracted to materialistic females. But check out my points above. I think they're quite relevant to explain this phenomena.

adrian said...

I believe in the investment rule.......to get profits, one must invest. Without any investment, there should be no harvest.

A heart that is willing to give is a heart that is full of joys. And of course we do not give blindly but to spot on and give whenever there is a need for that.

And to see the person that mean so much to us, happier is just so fullfiling.....not even mammons can buy that! =)

Hmmm....about the materialistic female....some men are attracted to them simply because there are easier to be sastified and they do look outwardly attractive with the super thick make ups. Problems and tension in the relationship can be solved easily by buying expensive gifts lol. That was the feedbacks from my male friends....

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Yeah. True joy comes from giving. And people who don't know that, need to give more and break whatever thoughts they have about this. And yes, fulfillment comes from seeing the people you love happy.

Hmmm. I agree with the materialistic women being easier to satisfy. IF she's not hardcore Gucci and Prada lah. I mean, materialism has its limits. If she's the kind who want car and house every month wan then not that easy to satisfy lor.

adrian said...

Haha.....if she is that materialistic until cars and houses, I buy her Hot Wheels and Barbie's dream house every month.....let her play....Mwahahahahaha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Haha. You think you can get away with those?? Please.

adrian said...

Nope...I dont think so... in that case, I play together with her lor...Hahaha...=P

joking la.....head can burst liao...=)))

pamsong said...

Haha. You wish lah. She'll probably want them diamond studded. =p

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