Sunday, March 30, 2008


If you guys even cared about me, you'd find me one. How can you read about my life, laugh at my jokes (I hope you do), comment on my posts... AND NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT I WANT???

And right now, at 4pm on a cloudy, very lazy Sunday afternoon (more like since 5.30pm yesterday if you wanna get nitty-gritty about it), while sitting all alone in my room, with the aircon on, the lights off and the music turned down low, lemmie tell you this:




*punches pillow*

It's so frustrating to be in this phase in my life. I want a child of my own, but I know I don't have sufficient funds to raise that child if he she really did come along. I mean, heck I don't even have a husband or even a ring on my finger for that matter!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!!! I'm nowhere near the having-a-baby junction but that car is already revving to go right across the Finish line and straight into Mummysville.


I'm frustrated. Internally. Very much so.
And all that pent up mummy frustration
is dying to come out from within me.

I wanted to steal bring home darling baby Eitan – the most hemsem-est-test baby in the nursery – while I was on baby-care duty yesterday. -_-

Isn't he adorable???



Babies are just the most amazing 'creatures'. They fascinate me. Really. He slept for over an hour in my arms and all I did the whole time was listen to him breathe and see his tiny tummy go up and down and up and down again. Plus, he makes such cute noises when he's drifting in and out of sleep. Haha.

Oh oh, and he sighs, too! Like huge, heavy sighs of contentment. The kind that make you think he'd be saying, "SIGH. Thank goodness you finally stopped talking to me, you nanny you. SIGH. Now, I can go to sleep. SIGH." And take my word for it, it's really, really loud coming from such a teeny tiny body. Haha.

And don't be deceived by the size of that body. It's no joke carrying a lump of flesh and bones for 2 and a half hours. My hands were shaking by the end of the night. (Keep this up and bye-bye arms will be a distant memory for me.) But oddly enough, it was pretty satisfying for me, too. It's almost similar to the kind of satisfaction I used to get after a grueling practice and I'm walking home with aching muscles and bruised skin. =p I'm such a masochist.

Anyway, bottom line is this:
baby so cute hor?



Find me a baby nooooowwwww!!!


-yong may- said...

Cute. Very cute indeed. I also want. But I'm on the same boat as you la.
No ring.
No husband.
Heck, no boyfriend for that matter.

So, no baby for me too. Haha.

luxen said...

you know what is the best thing about babies?

maaaaaaaking babies!!!!!

The more practice the better.

Adrian Lim said...

oh! That is pastor's son right?! Adorable! He grows up really fast...=) you one fake barbie doll baby for you to sastify your craze...Mwahahaha =P

Leon said...

It's really not that hard, you know.

You made it sound like rocket science to actually obtain one.

Here's your options:

1. Adoption
2. Mate

Geez ... I wonder what they are teaching kids these days in schools.


chingy said...

I like babies too!
But not taking care of em,
My baby cousin is superbly active for such a teeny body! XD

Aronil said...

aww so adorable. My godsister came down with her baby boy too and he's just as adorable.. find your boy first la babes then talk about the baby :P ever since i started watching kids and baby boo boos on youtube. Mister G has been starting to get worried lol.

joshuaongys said...

lolz.. years after that is disaster den.. he/she will be running around in the house breaking stuffs.. few more years, he/she will be knowing chicks/dudes and then blablabla hahahahahhaha

infinitium said...

I'd be more than happy to volunteer in the baby-making process... hey, if it fails to produce desired results the first time, i'd be more than happy to try again ;)

so, your place or mine?

PS: seriously cute baby. reminds me of my bro's Caitlin.. bloody cute too. I blogged bout her sometime ago...

infinitium said...

oops.. let's try that link again...

there we go!

pamsong said...

ATTN: -yong may-
– Ugh! It sucks to be us.

ATTN: luxen
– Haha. You totally lost the point of my post!

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Wah, how you know!? Haha. Yeah, it's him.

And no, no barbie doll's gonna cut it. -_-

ATTN: Leon
– LEON!!! I've missed your sarcasm! Or at least I tried to. =p

You missed out one option: Sperm Bank.

Geez, I wonder what they used to teach kids way back when.


ATTN: chingy
– Haha. I like babies but I like 'em better in my arms. =p And especially when they're in a good mood or just sleeping like Eitan here. Haha. It kinda stinks when they're going all cry baby.

ATTN: Aronil
– Adorable, hor??? I beh tahan!!! I want! I want! I want! Hey, maybe Mister G can get you one on discount. =p

I'm down to ONE tin. NOOOOOO!!!

pamsong said...

ATTN: joshuaongys
– HAHAHA. That's why I like babies. Not toddler. WAHAHAHAHAHA.

ATTN: infinitium
– Cheh. This ain't no lelong-sendiri post okayyyy.

And your niece is ADORABLE!!! So cute! She mixed?

Adrian Lim said... posted about the pastor's wife (in tight jeans) when she was still conceiving him.....Wah! Time flies....

julian said...

Looks very cute I agree :) Though people tell me it's nicest when the baby's someone else's - so you can hand it back when you've had enough :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Wah! Your memory scary lah! Haha. And yes, that's him and that was her. She's super skinny now though. Skinnier than she was, in fact.

ATTN: julian
– Haha. That, I have to agree sometimes... with some babies. Some are little devils in baby skin, I tell you. Haha.

Adrian Lim said...

Haha...tell your pastor that ItTan is lonely and needs siblings....then your pastor's wife can naturally gain weight liao....Hahaha =)

Blessed couple! Hahahaha =)

Simon Seow said...

*Driving to Singapore to kidnapped my newphew Noah.*

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– His name is EITAN. Anyway, I think she WANTS to be thin lah. Haha. Ish. Like that also tak tau.

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Wah. Semangatan. But he's adorable!!! As is his sister. Haha.

Yatz said...

tsk tsk tsk..self indulgence :P

sheon said...

bio clock clock ticking......

pamsong said...

ATTN: Yatz
– Self indulgence??? More like self-torture lor!

ATTN: sheon
– Tell me about it, wei. Alarm will start ringing soon di. -_-

Aronil said...

hahh??? discount on what... your tin???

sheon said...

24 only alarm went off dee ah?..siao!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Aronil
– Haha. The man has ways. I believe in his discount-searching abilities. =p

ATTN: sheon
– Ya lor! How ah? Ish. Internal frustration. Grrr.

Adrian said...

You are young. You are pretty. You have plenty of opportunities. If you really want, go for adoption or find a donor (if you know what I mean), if not, find a boyfriend, make sure he's the one, and then get married, then get pregnant.

If you want a donor, you can find it in my blog LOL

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian
– I have a bf!

But... still no baby! =(

Johnny Ong said...

this statement of yrs - "I know I don't have sufficient funds to raise that child" won't be an issue when the real baby comes as u wld probably cringe on other stuff/expenses

pamsong said...

ATTN: Johnny Ong
– Haha. Well, yeah. But baby powder ain't cheap, yo! No matter how much I save and reduce expenses, I dun think it'll be enough lor.

sheon said...

milk powder....(i'm an advocate for breast feeding. all my babies MUST be breast-fed!!) stuff. baby pram (i prefer the kind that the baby looks towards the parent one, i dont feel comfortable with the one where the baby looks out to the 'open'...something might fall on him/her and i wouldnt know)...and car seat....i really like the canggih-canggih looking one... so macho! hehehehe.......oh..back to my point, all these things are so freaking expensive.

however, my theory is this. i think the kids today are getting too much nutrition. over-nourished i'd say. even when they're in the womb..we are feeding them chemicals and stimulants and all those stuff. i blame them for hyperactivity, autism, dyslexia in kids ....

what do you think??

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheo
– Hmmm. Debatable. Definitely. I guess that there are plenty of things we live by now that's really bad for our babies. I agree with you about the breast feeding bit BUT... then again, research has shown that we're now living longer than we did before. So does that mean that there are things we're doing right, too?

But it's expensive raising a child lah. Even giving birth. Dun have RM10,000 you dun even think about going into labour, okayyy. Serious.

Adrian said...

hmmm... so you have a bf? So are you saying that you are doing unprotected sex? Well, go for medical checkups and see if anyone got problem. Who knows, unhealthy lifestyle can do that...

Anyway, its good to practice protected safe, girl.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian
– Wow. You're a classic example of 'jumping to conclusions'. Thought your kind got extinct. Looks like I was wrong.

Plus, you confuse me. Technically, if a person were to want a baby and was in a position to have a baby, she wouldn't be fretting over not having one. Right?

Secondly, if they wanted a baby, would they want to practice 'safe sex'? A bit contradicting, right? Unless it's in-vitro you wanna go for, of course. Haha.

Adrian Lim said...

adrian: Yo Bro! This woman is a lover of JESUS! Sex does not exist for her until she is married. =)

pamsong said...

Whoa. Check that out. Adrian vs. Adrian. How interesting. Haha. And both Adrians having such different takes on relationships and sex.

Lemmie get my popcorn. =p

Adrian Lim said...

You Evil!!! Hahaha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– My life has enough drama on its own. At least now I can watch other ppl berdrama. =p

sheon said...

*sheon hands over popcorn to pamsong. salted or caramel?

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Definitely caramel. No other way to eat popcorn.

Adrian Lim said... two (Pam & Sheon) is over! Pay up please! *Grin* Mwahahahaha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Wah, excuse me.

We are dissatisfied that you're calling off the show and demanding payment. We demand a REFUND AND COMPENSATION!!!

Adrian Lim said...

Haha....u forgot meh *goods sold are not returnable* ...tengok setengah jalan, kena bayar juga! Mwahahaha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Cannot do business with this fellow. Sure no returning customers. Tsk tsk.

sheon said...

pam, dun care him....we walk away

enn@j said...

errr ever thought of sponsoring a child? at least u help a life to be better and in a way, its a child that you are taking care and will get updates.

anyway, im working for World Vision now :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Haha. You still there? I left long long time ago loh. =p

ATTN: enn@j
– I've got friends who've sponsored children under World Vision. I think it's really noble. And it's a good cause. Perhaps some day.

Would like my own child, though. And even if it's not my own, at least I get to physically care for her/him. =)

Adrian Lim said... two mogok besar-besaran.....Dun la liddat!
Me belanja chipsters OK! Mwhahaha =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– We're fighting for blogger rights. PROTEST!!!

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