Saturday, March 22, 2008

Help! My Parents Are Fighting!

Haha. Not.

But people don't believe that, right?

Nope, people don't believe that my parents don't fight.
Cos... "Where got couples dun fight wan?" they ask.


It's pathetic. This entire situation is pathetic.

It's pathetic to not be able to believe that people aren't always at each other's necks and throats all the time. It's pathetic to grow up believing that fighting between spouses and loved ones are natural. That it's a way of life. Like how babies cry when they poop. Well, know this: it's not. It's NOT natural. And it's NOT normal. And it's sad that there are those of us who think that it is.

That doesn't say very much about
the culture we're living in, does it?

It's not that I'm being idealistic, unrealistic or impractical, okay. Heck, I'm living in the same world you're in! And no, I'm not saying that there will never be disagreements. We're human. With peeves and sensitive spots. And that's okay. All I'm saying is that there's no need to fight it out. Talking things out works, too! And sometimes, it's also okay to agree to disagree. That's why couples still have TWO brains. Not one.

And just so you know, it's not that the people who don't argue don't have good comebacks, okay. They just don't WANT to send you a nice comback or lash out at you... just because they love you. I know it sounds totally ridiculous but, humour me and just think about it for a second. Why do you argue? The bottom line is that it's because you want the other person to see your point of view. Because you hope that they'll eventually agree with you. Because you care about how they think about you and you hope that they care about what you're saying. Right? So isn't there some form of love in that? A warped kind of love, I must say, but still... it's love, nevertheless.

But love shouldn't be like that. Why?
Cos love is patient. And love is kind.
(I shall stop there and not go on any further
lest I am made to pay copyright charges.)

And a person who loves another does NOT let his or her emotions get the better of him or her no matter what the situation. But that's tough to do 24/7, right? So I guess that makes my parents' relationship a real tough act to follow. Tough... but not impossible.


POST TRIVIA: I wrote the first half of this post a little over half a year ago. Seriously. Just never ended up finishing or publishing it cos it just 'wasn't the right time'. *rolls eyes* So drama. Anyway, it's been so long that I can't even remember who 'people' is anymore. Haha. Not at all lah. Can't even remember the context. So I guess that kinda means that there's no offending anyone no more, right? So I'll just go ahead and publish it. If it's you or if you think that 'people' could possibly be you, drop me a comment, a line or an email and we'll see if our stories match up. =p


sheon said...

hmm....i never 'argued' with my ex before also...she had her tantrums every now and then....but....i just let her frustration runs its course....before i gave my views..

luxen said...

this post is a reconditioned posting. Fix up the old post and post it as a new one. Got 1 year warranty still.

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Hmmm. Good and bad, I guess. But it's good that you didn't make her talk it out WHILE she was fuming. It makes for more constructive discussions.

pamsong said...

ATTN: luxen
– Haha. No no. Fixed up an old UNPUBLISHED, NEVERSEENBEFORE post and publish it when you're done writing. =p

Very different, k?

adrian said...

Hokkien says this...Niao lai, Niao ki....mah boh su lor....=)

Anonymous said...

"If it's you or if you think that 'people' could possibly be you, drop me a comment, a line or an email and we'll see if our stories match up. =p"
If the stories match, do I get any gifts?

Drama King

luxen said...

I believe people who are good parents should have more kids so that their kids grow up to be like them. Then the world would have friendlier and more understanding people.

Likewise, those who are mean and full of hate should not have kids.

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Who's Hokkien? =p

Okay, sorry sorry. I was just having my kicks. Filling up my mean quota of the day.

ATTN: Drama King
– It really depends on who you are. And it depends on what mood I'm in. And it depends on whether or not we'll end up having this discussion again. And it depends on where this discussion ends IF we do go into it again.

ATTN: luxen
– I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YEEWWWW!!! But then again, I get torn cos I wish that bratty people get bratty kids a hundred times brattier than them so that they get a taste of their own medicine. Tough.

luxen said...

drama king getting gift = (who drama king is + pamsong mood)+( pamsong + drama king)

conversational algebra

luxen said...

you should wish bratty kids upon bratty parents. That will be vengeance.

Instead, you should wish upon them good children so that they could see the errors of their ways and hopefully, their children would be better for it.

Rehabilitation instead of punishment.

pamsong said...

ATTN: luxen
– Whoa. Check out the equation, wei. Haha. Terrorness. I get the first part: (who drama king is + pamsong mood). But why the second part: (pamsong + drama king)? Me no understandings.

And no leh. I have my doubts about bratty parents learning. They NEVER learn. And children raised by such parents rarely come out as angels.

But you've got very noble intentions. I'm not as angelic. Or nice. =p

adrian said... lor the Hokkien *raising both hands up high* haha..blush =P

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Tau pun.

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