Friday, March 07, 2008

Chocs For Tea, Anybody?

Was on the receiving end of some good ol' feel-good, imported variety chocs yesterday. It became tea today. Haha.


On an entirely separate note altogether, does anybody have any sure-to-work make-me-fat dieting tips??? I have 2 months to reach my target weight of 45kg. Help!


luxen said...

eat 5 meals a day, eat more meat. Fall in love all over again.

Last part optional but highly pleasurable.

pamsong said...

ATTN: luxen
– I DO eat 5 meals a day. And I eat lots of carbs and enough meat. But... same same lah. -_-

Last part? Definitely the best part of the whole equation.

Robin said...

hmmm....i got a solution for you
got for buffet every meal
100% you will gain weight
you will eat alot because you have already paid for choice, eat anything and everything..hahahaha
have a happy weekend...BUFFET!!!

Shereen said...

hmm...ur so da opposite of me liked...trying so hard to get rid of my weight!! im fat! lol~

u've ask da correct person...i've been fat all my life!

try eating double portion for ur meals...
dun work out...
lay around after eating...sleeping works better...
dun be picky! dats important...
eat anything dat is place in front of u...

in NO time u'll be


3POINT8 said...

agree with luxen.
find a bf and be happy....sure gain weight one.

either that or, dun monitor your weight. Sure gain weight one!

Ken said...

Eat every three hours. Keep munching on snacks, doesn't have to be super heavy meal like nasi lemak or something.

But keep chewing. buy lots of nuts.... stock them and pop them out every once in a while.

of course, like most of them say, fall in love is a good suggestion oso hahahah

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pamsong said...

ATTN: Robin
– Haha. Thanks, Robin but I have a theory about buffets.

They're more expensive than normal meals, right? So even if I stuff my face more than I normally would over a buffet dinner or two, I'll eventually lose twice the weight cos I'll have to enforce unwilling dieting due to lack of finances by the end of the month. Haha.

You have a great weekend, too! Thanks for stopping by. =)

ATTN: Shereen
– You're the fortunate one!!! It's easier to exercise and lose weight than to force-feed to gain weight!

Hmmm. I eat about one and a half plates of rice on average each meal. I don't exercise, and I love sitting down and starring at my comp. Wish I could sleep but this whole blogging thingy is too addictive so sleep sometimes takes a backseat. HAHAHA.

Oh, but I'm SUPER picky with food. I eat large portions but... very picky. Will that ruin my chances at getting fatter? =(

– Haha. Find a bf? Pfft. Been there, done that. I'm waiting for your next suggestion. Why don't you and luxen sit down for a brainstorm session or something. Haha.

– HAHAHA. Uh, Ken, I already do! =p Seriously. I do. I snack all the time. I'll blog it to prove it if I have to. I have the pics. Meant to post them ages ago but just never got around to doing it. =p

adrian said... oily foods like curry mee, hokkien mee or something during late nite and after that go to Zzzz immediately...I gurantee that you will get fat in no time.... will kinda look cute if a little bit fatter...then I can call you 'fat PamSong'...Wahahaha =P

Simon Seow said...

Eat more during supper. Then straight go to be and sleep.

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– Haha. Ooo, you mean unhealthy hawker food. Haha. Well, I do eat a lot of fast food lah. McD's and all that. But a bit unhealthy lor. I am trying to cut down a bit. And I do go to bed with a full stomach. No better way to sleep than that. =p

Maybe the only time you'll be able to call me that nickname is when I'm pregnant. =p

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Haha. Doesn't work for me. Next suggestion please! =p

adrian said...

Haha...another easier method....Weight gain plus formula!And yup! You should cut down on the fast foods...too unhealthyla....

Oooo...when you are pregnant...lagi easy to feed....Hehe

Just feed you with Anmum(MILK!!!)...get the baby and the mummy fat at the same time!....Both come out cute-cute wan....Mwahahahaha! =p

adrian said...

second look at it....I think I prefer to say babies rather than baby! Mwahahahahahahaha! =PPPPP

pamsong said...

ATTN: adrian
– I'm waiting for my Ensure now. I got a friend to purchase it for me at a discounted price. So gotta wait. -_-

Too expensive lah all these things. It's so crazy.

And yes. It's BABIES. TWO babies. Only. Max, three. No more.

Kirsten said...

ni case high metabolism

try eating irregular meal..


as in one day, eat at 5pm and 11pm

the next day back to ya usual 5 meals

then the next day eat at 10am and 2pm


pamsong said...

ATTN: Kirsten
– Hmmm. Can meh?

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