Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Graffiti My Wall(paper)!!!

I designed back in August '07?

*points below*

"It doesn't take a genius to know why I love my job."

(If you don't remember, it probably means that
you're either a new regular, a first time popper-by

Well, I started using it again. Thought it'd be good to remind myself of the love I had have for my job. Dug it out of my blog Archives last Thursday (I lost the original JPG and PSD working file when my HDD died on me -_-) and plastered it on my desktop.

My recycled August '07 wallpaper that's currently on my desktop.

"Recycle! That's what you do.
Recycle! Yes, it's true."


Ugh. Feels like highschool all over again.

Thing is, all was well with my wallpaper till Ah Beng came along and did his thing. You see, the fella needed to use my Firewire port to transfer files urgently so I agreed to met him up last night. (Sigh *shakes head* what would the boi ever do without me?) And since I was SO TRUSTING and SO KIND, I just passed my MacBook to him and didn't take a second look at it till I got home.

Bad. Move.

In true blue Ah Beng fashion, my wallpaper got bastard-ised in the very short time my lappie laid on his lap. -_-

Look at this!!!

After Ah Beng gave my wallpaper some Sungai Wang-styled lovin'.

The hoe!

Look at that sprinkling of folders
all over my desktop lah, kanasai!

Here's a close up to what he wrote on each folder.

*Click on image to enlarge*

Haiyo! Fai or not this boy, I ask you???

*rolls eyes dramatically*

And not only did he use my comp AND bastard-ise it, it's now playing the part of being his external HDD, too. (All folders on my desktop were faux folders. Empty, useless and pointless. Except for this one.)

"HAPPY SLUT FEST (bitch don't delete yet
– you have so much hard disk space left, i checked)"

*Click on image to enlarge*


I'm charging you interest for this, Slut.

*grumble grumble grumble*


Melsong said...

With friends like this you don't need enemies!!!

Jeffro said...

awwwhh.. isn't that nice?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Melsong
– You said it!

ATTN: Jeffro
– Yeah. It's "nice". Hahahaha. Kacau aje budak tu!

Adrian Lim said...


Jeffro said...

ahaha... but that's cool ain't it..
sgt creative.. lol

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