Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bum Bum!

Takin' a break from work last Friday
for more booty after Booty Talk.

From LEFT to RIGHT: The Horny Intern, Yours Truly (in none other than her infamous RM203 Levi's jeans that got The Horny Intern on her case in the first place) and Banana Girl.

I love the colours in this pic. Too bad it looks different uploaded. Washed-out somehow. Damn. Looked so much nicer in Photoshop. Brighter. More radiant. Happier. Bleh. JPG sucks.


EDIT at 1:30AM on 30 October 2008: Oh, and FYI – since I've already smeared his name so bad, I might as well just go right on with it, without further remorse or guilt – The Horny Intern actually had the (butt)cheek to say this to Banana Girl and I excitedly:
"You know what would be even cooler?? It'd be even cooler if I stood in the middle and we all stuffed our hands into each other's pockets for the next picture! Ok? Ok? So much cooler, right??? Cum'mon! Let's do it!"


In. His. Dreams.

What are they teaching kids in school these days lah?!
Really makes me worry for my unborn children. Sigh.


Chris said...

Ooo la la!

CHEM. BROS's - I see you babeh shakin' that ass (_,_)!

shakin' that ass (_,_)!

Prodigy's - Smack my bitch'up

Chris said...

Yes, it appears lossy whenever you convert to another format, u could try exporting it to Bitmap. It's better than jpg but still, can be lossy.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Hahahaha. I know that song! But no, there was no shakin' going on. =p

I kinda like PNG. Keeps the colours all nice and bright.

Chris said...

how bout that polaroid s/w? try it? and shake it like a polaroid picha?


There's also Right Said Fred's song - "I'm too sexy"...

Goes like this...
i'm too sexy for my ass,
too sexy for my bum,
too sexy by far..."

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Wah! So fast lah you. Haha. I just edited my post. Added one part I forgot. Haha. Was in a rush to complete it before heading home from work. Haha.

I know that "Too Sexy" song. Haha. It was in that Singapore Kiasu album also. The one that was all the rage back in the 90s.

Chris said...

Shit! that's late, u better chow.

I'm juz writing my thesis till i crash. Slackin abit.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– Haha. No choice lah. Work never finish yet ma. How to ciao? =(

Quickly go crash lah. I mandi come out also wanna crash di. So tired.

Chris said...

Now its done and tomorrow, err later, at dawn is another day.

No frowns, dont frown, that's a nasty emoticon. Kabish!

Sing, I'm too sexy for my blog...

p/s: I think Horny Intern and myself operate on a similar wavelength. Nice to see some havoc goin on in the Cube.

Jeffro said...


Let the Bums do the talking now ei?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Chris
– It's another day. Ugh. Can I still sing that "I'm too sexy..." song? I think I need it. Haha.

Eee. You're Horny Chris!!!

ATTN: Jeffro
– Haha. Yeah. We've moved on to a whole new level of communication here. =p

yapthomas said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas

ah:beng said...

horny intern kiuts or not?

cuilin said...

''I love the colours in this pic. Too bad it looks different uploaded. Washed-out somehow. Damn. Looked so much nicer in Photoshop. Brighter. More radiant. Happier. Bleh. JPG sucks.''

pam, when u do in photoshop right, just print screen/ apple+shift+4, to keep possession of the original colours for uploading. and its faster to upload than jpeg. =x

Jeffro said...

haha.. I say, Butt-kicker's new Language..
Okay.. now how does this work.. *thinks thinks*

*squeak squeaky squeeeak*

translates into english: THIS IS FUN!

pamsong said...

ATTN: ah:beng
– He thinks he's cute lor.


You totally freaked him out wei. He msn me to tell me. Haha.

ATTN: cuilin
– Haha. Thanks! But that's only cos it's RGB and in png, right? I usually don't practice that unless it's really a screenshot of whatever happened. Haha. Maybe I should start.

ATTN: Jeffro
– Haha. What's fun? Bum bums?! =p

Jeffro said...

ermm yaw? Bums up!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Jeffro
– Uh... Question: How to up???

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