Thursday, September 06, 2012

Perth, August '12: MORE Frozen Coke. Literally.

After dinner with the family (minus Papa and Mama), The Husband, KJ and I parted ways with the rest and went off in search of some after-dinner coffee. Or rather, they ordered coffee. From Mackers Drive-Thru. I had their Frozen Coke. Again. (Duh.) =p

The Husband behind the wheel at the Drive-Thru.

My super filled-up Frozen Coke that night.

I was so, so pleased with my Frozen Coke this time around cos it was filled to the brim! Like, overflowing out the hole on top and even going up the straw, okayyy. So happy! =D BUT... this also means that whoever filled my first order last night totally cheated me of a good two-fifth cup's worth of Frozen Coke. >( Don't remember? Look again and compare for yourself!

My Frozen Coke from the night before on the left,
compared to the one I ordered tonight on the right.

Too much, right??? Grrr... >(

Aiya, but I complain only lah. Haha. In the end, I couldn't really finish all that extra Frozen Coke anyways. Maybe cos the drink came too soon after dinner. Kebab never digest yet. =p

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