Thursday, September 06, 2012

Perth, August '12: KAI Japanese Dining And Takeaway, Bull Creek

Fifth morning! Woke up, had breakfast at home, took my bath, and camwhored while I waited for the rest to get ready. Haha. Same story, different day, eh? =p

Today was the day we were to try what is apparently THE BEST Japanese food in Perth. "Closest to Japan ramen already!" Papa said enthusiastically. (It's odd but there are lots of Japanese restaurants in Perth.) So... off we went to KAI, Bull Creek, in our 2-car convoy!

To my surprise, it was a super, super small establishment. Very cramped. Seats, like, 12 people or something. We pretty much took up 3/4 of the space in the shop already. Haha. Maybe that's why they need to prepare seats outside for people to wait for a table. Haha. 

Seats for waiting.

I didn't really know what to order. The menu looked totally foreign to me cos the place serves none of the usual conveyor belt stuff I eat. Haha. Very hardcore Japanese, I think. Maybe that's why Papa says it's closest to what Japan offers already. Mana he tau, this daughter-in-law only knows localised Japanese food. HAHA. #fail So... The Husband and I just went with the popular choice and ordered some kind of Egg Noodle Ramen like most of the rest did.

I'm not sure which one we ordered. Looks like the one on the left.

This was what arrived:


Urmmm... Look a bit like Kim Gary's ramen noodles leh. Can I have real Japanese like Sushi Zanmai instead? HAHA. Wth. Soli lah. But closest to Japan or not, I really dunno how to appreciate. Maybe it's a good thing that The Husband and I didn't go to Japan for our honeymoon last year after all. If all the food in Japan is like this, I would probably have died of hunger there. Haha.

Thankfully, The Husband ordered some Ebi Tempura for us to share so, the KAI experience was saved a little. I think the Ebi Tempura is still a million times better at Matsuri, Perth City but... to each his own, I suppose. Besides, The Husband and I have already been accused of having weird tastes compared to the other members of the family a number of times before anyways. (OUR Koay Teow Th'ng is betterrrr!! =p) So, this isn't a first. Haha.

 The bill.

But price-wise okay lah, this place.
Fair by Australian standards.

Opening hours and contact information.

Like I said, it wasn't a totally bad experience at KAI. It just wasn't THE BEST in my books. =p If I had a choice, I wouldn't go back. And even if I didn't have a choice, you'd probably have to drag me there screaming. Haha. Or wait, maybe I wouldn't mind going back. I just wouldn't order the ramen anymore. I'll opt for the tempura instead. #thesmarterchoice =)

Oh, and then The Husband and I (who were on a separate table from the rest) had to vacate our seats cos we were done eating and there were people waiting next to us Ipoh-style. Hahaha. So, we went outside and I ended up taking some pictures of pretty wildflowers.

Made me feel a little better about lunch. =p


Shop 4, 110 Parry Avenue
Bull Creek, WA 6149

Tel: 08 9332 0388

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Jay said...

Ate sashimi there a few days ago. Been bed ridden since with gastroenteritis. I think the scallop was off. Loved the prawn tempura sushi, but will not be going back. After 3 days of stomach pain, I am only now able to walk. A bit annoyed they should be taking more care when serving raw food. Actually, this is my 4th day in bed. Stomach pains are back.

pamsong said...

– Gosh, that sounds terrible! I hope you're feeling better now, Jay. I personally did not enjoy my visit to Kai very much. Not my cup of tea. Won't be going back there if I can help it. I very much prefer Matsuri in Perth City. =)

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