Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perth, August '12: Mid-Afternoon Snacking

I ran out of plump, red cherries by Day 5 in Perth so my mid-afternoon snack that day was far less healthy (but no less yummy) than it had been the days before.

CC's Tasty Cheese.

It's like Dorito's tortilla chips, 
only (dare I say it?) better!

The rest actually had this for supper the night before so I was eating leftovers. No complaints though. CC's gets a thumbs up from me! Which is a big deal cos I'm usually a stickler for brand when it comes to things I'm comfortable with (and I'm comfortable with Dorito's) but... I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. (How come no CC's in Malaysia ah? :-/)

Washed it down with Solo Lemonade.

Solo Original Lemon.

This drink was actually provided by the people we rented the house in East Perth from. Complimentary in our fridge alongside another brand of fizzy lemonade (can't remember that brand already) and a few varieties of beer. No beer for me though. (Y.U.C.K.) Fizzy lemonade wins my heart (and taste buds) hands down. I loooove fizzy lemonade. Tried it for the first time during my maiden trip to Perth back in 2005 (June-June's step dad intro wan) and never looked back since. It's so refreshing! I likeeee...

Anyway, that was tea. Stay tuned for dinner!

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