Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bangkok, September '12: Lunch At MBK Food Court

Our taxi dropped us off at our hotel – Pathumwan Princess Hotel – and we tried checking in. Unfortunately, only one room was ready at the time so we quickly dropped off our stuff in that available room, snitched a couple of bottles of water from the housekeeping cart (why pay when you can get it for free? =p), and immediately walked over to MBK for lunch. (It was almost 3PM Malaysian time and we were hungryyyy!)

Yup, the great thing about Pathumwan Princess Hotel is that it is right next to MBK. As in, it is linked to MBK, in the same way that Cititel Mid Vally is linked to Mid Valley Megamall. Super convenient!

Anyway, we went straight up to the food court, took a quick walk around to see what was available, got our Food/Drink coupons and ordered our food.

Food/Drink coupons.

I ordered the Tomyam Fried Rice...

...and almost died eating it. -_-'''

Don't get me wrong. It was tasty. But it was also so, so very spicy! I was sniffling and on the brink of tears with every bite. I can't for the life of me understand how the Thais can tahan eating it. Ate until I sweat, man. Wth. Thankfully, The Husband rescued me and helped me finish up the rest while I moved on to other kinder foods.

Red-faced, sniffling and sweating. the Mango Pulut. =D

 Yummy! I luuuurrvveee Mango Pulut.

After that, we took a quick walk-around to look-see what was available at MBK. I didn't buy anything though. Didn't think the deals were good enough for me to part with my money just yet. Mama, on the other hand, bought some clothes for her grandkids while The Husband and Papa went to check-out watches. And then got scolded upon walking away and not buying anything after asking lots of questions and bargaining. Haha. Rookies! =p

On our way back to the hotel, we walked past a colourful donut shop called Mister Donut that smelled heavenly. So we stopped to get buy ourselves some donuts to have for tea later.

Check out the name. Very thoughtful donuts. =p
 Cute stuff for kids.

There were so many choices to pick from!
I chose this one in the end:

Zzz... Boring, I know. But I was in
the mood for some chocolate and nuts.

Honey Glazed for Mama, Twist Chunk for me,
and that vile-looking pink thing was what
The Husband picked for himself. Bleh.

Bought those donuts to-go and went straight back to the hotel to check out Room 1910. Pictures of our room in my next post! Stay tuned for that!

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