Thursday, September 06, 2012

Perth, August '12: Subiaco & Some Yellow Fever

Shot off to another suburb called Subiaco after lunch at Sharky's, Sorrento to have tea at what seems to be Papa's favourite coffee house in Perth. I have no idea what it's called but we guarantee sure come here wan each trip. I ordered a Hot Chocolate.

The marshmallows they give with their Hot Choc here in Perth are nothing like the ones we buy in Malaysia that are soft and fluffy. These ones are always crumbly on the outside... AND they're unbearably sweet. Wah... I cannot tahan at all. Instant diabetes. Put in, take picture, put into my mouth and force myself to swallow. The rest, I just left there. Didn't eat also.

What I did enjoy was the shortbread
KV's son ordered but didn't like.

His leftovers.

So I sapu-ed that one clean off the plate. HAHA.

After that, we split up to do some shopping. The Husband and I went to Cotton On and he bought me this Lemonade (IT'S NOT CALLED YELLOW!) blouse I liked that was on sale for just $10 AUD. Damn cheap!! It's selling in Malaysia (in other boring colours, not Lemonade) for RM59 each. Score! =D

LEMONADE. Not yellow.

We then went over to Coles together to do some grocery shopping and I bought some biscuits and snacks to bring home to Malaysia as gifts, as well as this Oreo in a yellow pack that I'd never seen before:

WHITE Oreo??? I just had to try it!

Man, was it good. I think it's waaaay better than the ones we have here. Less jelak without the chocolate biscuits lah. I wish I had just gone with my gut and bought more to bring home. #regretful

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