Monday, September 10, 2012

Bangkok, September '12: The End Of Free, The Beginning Of Unlimited

It's 6:34AM Bangkok time and I'm all dressed and ready to check out of the hotel and head home. Got an early morning Air Asia flight to catch. Zzz...

It's been a good trip though. One I'll try blogging about as best I can but... it's all quite kelam-kabut so I can't guarantee that it'll all make very organised or good reading. Haha.

But all that Bangkok funk only after I'm done with the Perth, August '12 series, ok? =p But I promise you now, that day will come!!! *determined face*

In the mean time, hold your horses, hang on to your panties, and pray for my safe return to Boleh Land from Same Same Country. Catch ya on the other side!! =D

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