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Perth, August '12: Caversham Wildlife Park, Whiteman, Western Australia

NOTE: This is a super picture-heavy post. I don't think I've uploaded so many pictures in one post like this in a long, long time so... you have been warned! =p

Woke up bright and early the next day and got ready for a fun day out at Caversham Wildlife Park. The weather promised to behave and play out to be one of the sunnier days for us during this trip (based on weather projections) so we just had to make full use of it. ROAD TRIPPPP!!!

You can probably tell I was excited.

Yup, Caversham Wildlife Park is located at a place
called Whiteman that's a little way out of Perth.

But road-tripping in Australia doesn't
guarantee many interesting sights.

It was boring bushland all the way.


 Railway crossing that cuts right through the road at half point.

Railway Crossing!! How exciting!! Wth.

The railroad tracks.

And then it was back to more bushland. -_-'''

Thankfully, Caversham Wildlife Park isn't that far away. About 25KM only. With our 110kph Malaysian speed limit, we would have arrived in a heartbeat. But traffic rules are different in Australia. Here, they drive sloooowwww. So, it took us awhile longer than usual. But soon enough, we saw signs that told us we were headed in the right direction in spite of being surrounded by nothing but Australian bushland.

And then we saw it: 

Caversham Wildlife Park.

Yellow Australian signs near the entrance.

There wasn't any parking available near the entrance so The Husband and KV went to park the cars while the rest of us hung around waiting for them. I naturally took advantage of the extra time and busied myself with some photography.

I love that it was late August, meaning Spring was well on its way, and that the wild flowers were starting to bloom... yet, we got to enjoy cool-ish late Winter weather the whole time we were there. There's no better time to visit the land down under! =)

The guys must have parked pretty far away cos it took them awhile to get to us. But when they finally did, we paid the entrance fee, went through the gates...

...and stopped to camwhore, pee,
and buy a pie to share. HAHA. 

 The Husband and I shared a Steak and Mushroom pie. Hungry lah.

 Camwhoring with our faces to the sun. You'll see
more of our squinty eyed faces later in the series.

 The map I was holding.

 Programme and detail list on the flip side.

There were a few sections lah, as far as I can remember. The winged section that housed bats, owls, ducks, cockatoos, peacocks, etc... I really wasn't interested in staying long enough to commit the layout to memory. O-B-V-I-O-U-S-L-Y.

*rolls eyes*

 Quote on a bench.

True dat. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Only pictures I could muster of
anything winged were of these ducks:

And I took them from far, far away. Haha.

Tthen there was the non-winged section
that I liked, with pictures you'll see below.

First up, the kangaroo section!

9-month gestation period, just like humans!

The kangaroos in this den were free to roam and we could just walk right up to them and touch them without supervision. Roo feed was also free for all so those who wanted to get their hands dirty could just grab a handful (or two, or three or five hundred) and feed the kangaroos to their hearts' delight.

Me and the cutest kangaroo in the den.

The young ones look really cute and are damn layan when you're nice. But they're also more skittish, so they scare easily at the sound of loud voices or when kids get rough. The older ones... urm... not so cute, but they couldn't care less that there are humans walking about, invading their space.

Me and an adult roo.
Me and another super old roo. Oldest in the den, it looked like.

Old and lazy.

Make that old, lazy and grouchy.

As you can see, he was really, really old,
and really, really, really grouchy. Boo.

Don't wanna layan me at all. :-/
So, I tried to chummy up with a greedy,
off-white middle-aged roo instead.

But he also no chai me and
hopped away after awhile, wth.

Maybe cos I wasn't giving him any food. :-/

So I enjoyed the attention
of a green caterpillar instead.



After the kangaroo den, we continued down the recommended path in hopes of seeing some other interesting animals. (The Husband and I never followed the given map at all; just jalan ikut suka or follow other people. Haha.)

Semi-shaded roof right outside the kangaroo den.

It was getting warm by noon. I looked up when the shade disappeared and just had to stop to capture a few pictures. I just couldn't get over how perfectly blue Australian skies always are!

But even the blue sky couldn't steal my attention away
from the what we saw in the next enclosure:

Baby roos in white with pink ears!!!

So adorable, right??? I know, I know. They look like big-ass rats from the top but other than that, they're as cute as a button. Only bigger. Haha. Loves! If only they weren't fenced up and we could touch them. I wouldn't have minded a cuddle. =p

Next section? Molly's Farm!

Here's where it gets difficult to explain. Basically, there are three sections in Molly's Farm. Two where kids get to enter (accompanied by an adult) to get up close and personal with goats, sheep, and other farm animals I don't remember cos I didn't go in (Both sections stank like dung! Haha.) and one where the animals are kept behind low wooden boards, some of which you can enter if you're below a certain age, and some of which you can't.

The ones you can't enter contained a greedy donkey...

Donkey opening his mouth in the hope that I'd toss him some feed.

...and an unfriendly Llama.

There were signs pasted up telling us
how to greet the Llama and giving us other
random Llama-related information.

But The Husband was only
concerned about this particular notice:

After reading that, I received a stern, "Don't go so near, " from The Husband and he kept his eye on me the entire time I was around the Llama enclosure. -_-''' After awhile, he dragged me away and forced me to look at the ugliest, most cacat-looking chicken on the planet in the stall opposite:

YUCK. I obviously did not go close enough to those feathered beasts to take those pictures. The Husband snapped those for me cos I couldn't even bring myself to get close enough to their cage to actually SEE them with my own eyes. HAHAHAHA. Wth. Even editing the pics made my skin crawl. Yerrr... damn disgusting, man.

Cows also have a 9-month gestation period like humans and kangaroos!

We left Molly's Farm after we were done and headed toward the Koala den. This was the only area that was closely guarded and monitored by park rangers.

Compulsory "I was there" shot.

Oddly, their instructions to us were: "You can touch and stroke the koalas with the back of your hand but please, DO NOT TOUCH THE LEAVES." @_@ Wha-? A bit salah focus, right? We can touch the endangered animals but not the leaves that feed them? Hahaha. So funny. But, ok! I'll comply. In fact, I didn't even touch a single koala. They weren't very friendly. :-/

And they are damn lazy. Sleep, sleep, sleep only.

 The Husband took this shot.

That's me, silently judging the koala.

But judge silently nia lah. Dare not say anything.
The fella's claws damn sharp. Attack me I sure die.

Another compulsory tourist shot with an Australia koala.

And... that was it! We reached the end of the park!
Soon, it was back in the car and back on the road.

In the back seat and feeling very happy with the outing.

And back to more riveting sights of the Australian bushland. -_-'''

Caversham Wildlife Park
Whiteman Park, Whiteman 6068

Telephone: (08) 9248 1984
Fax: (08) 9248 1985
Email (General Enquires):

Business Hours:
Open daily from 9.00am to 5.30pm
(excluding Christmas Day - December 25th)

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