Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bangkok, September '12: And We're Off!

Flew Air Asia this time around instead of a full-service airline. So that means checking in online beforehand and getting to LCCT by 10AM to board our 10.40AM flight to Bangkok. No mishaps this time around so we made it there with time to spare. Haha.

 My waiting with our luggages while The Husband
parked our car and the rest went to pee.

 My passport and boarding pass.

This wasn't my first time flying from LCCT. But to be honest with you, I never did like LCCT's crowd to begin with. The place was chaotic, and people there were just pushy and rude. But I guess that's what you get when you pay peanuts. (Answer: Monkeys!) Thankfully, we didn't have to wait long. Soon enough, it was boarding time!

 Gate T9 to Bangkok.

The Husband and I got held up with forms and other regulations so we kinda got left behind and didn't manage to follow the crowd to our plane. By the time we got through the gates, we had no clue which way to go so we had to ask around. Haha. Fail. But seriously lah. There were people walking in every which direction okay... Havoc sial, this LCCT! Signage pun tak ada. Tsk tsk. Thankfully, we found our plane in the mess.

Thai AirAsia – our plane!

Got on board and waited for take off. 

While waiting, The Husband and I read the in-flight magazines (as always) and flipped through the menu. It was then that I started getting tempted by pictures of Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak.

I remembered how I said SIA's food super tak boleh pakai during our flights to and back from Perth, and even said that AirAsia's Nasi Lemak was better. Unfortunately, we didn't pre-order a meal. And the price for on-the-spot-purchase of in-flight meals were just ridiculous so we decided not to indulge.

 Price list. RM13 for Nasi Lemak??? @_@ Mad.

No time to feel sorry for ourselves though.
Before we knew it, we were off and up in the air!

The Husband and I right after take-off.

I thought that was it with the in-flight meal. But AirAsia was being a tease and they were super promoting their Nasi Lemak in all their reading material. I looked through another magazine and... there it was again! Look!

Wah, non-stop, man.

So... when the stewardess came by with her cart of food, we gave in to temptation and ordered a packet of Nasi Lemak to share. RM13 also RM13 lah. Haih. #weak

It was NOT as good as I remembered it to be. At. All. The ikan bilis were soft and soggy (macam kept overnight liao), and the sambal/curry wasn't exceptionally tasty. Egg is egg lah. Cannot go wrong wan. Nuts also same case. Only saving grace was that at least the chicken was lean. Other than that? Blergh. Fail! AirAsia's food jatuh standard already lah. So not worth the RM13 we spent. Should have ordered Maggi Cup Noodles instead. -_-'''

So I made myself feel better by
taking pictures of the fluffy white clouds
floating by, outside my window instead.

And before I knew it, we were decending
and heading for Suvarnabhumi Airport's runway.

The pilot did such a good job landing the plane.
So smooth and steady! Thai pilots FTW!

We didn't get side-by-side seats with my in-laws in the plane so by the time we landed, we were split into two groups for separate bus-rides to the arrival hall.

 In the bus on the way to International Arrivals.

Not a problem though. We just met up with them later at Immigration. I love how grunge the airport looks with its bare cement pillars. So rugged. Reminds me of MCKL a little. Haha. I also like how I got to use the priority lane while I was there. I could totally get used to a life like this! =p #pampered

Exit auto-gates.

Got out and made a beeline to get a taxi. Mana tau, we got off on the wrong floor. All fancy limos only! No way were we planning to spend all our Thai Baht on cabbing into the city so, we went back in again, and went downstairs to the Public Taxi stand instead. Haha.

The correct taxi stand.

Got on the road and ask to be dropped off
at our hotel for immediate check-in.

Hello, Bangkok! We meet again!

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babedevil said...

OMG!!!Is there a bun in the oven???

pamsong said...

ATTN: babedevil
– Whoaaaa... What made you jump that gun?? Haha.

babedevil said...

Urm...coz of some pics in your previous posts. And mention of a little hat for the future. And usage of the priority lane.

Or maybe I just analyze too much... :/

pamsong said...

ATTN: babedevil
– Haha. Deep. Very deep. I should watch what I say from now on. =p

pamsong said...

ATTN: babedevil
– Eh wait. Some of my pics? Are you saying I'm FAT???

babedevil said...

Erm...hurmm...not fat, I just thought I detected a baby bump. Maybe Perth food was a bit too hard too resist...? Dum dee dummm...tralallalala...

Oh gawd...please don't keel me... x_x

pamsong said...

ATTN: babedevil
– Hahaha. Kidding la. Breathe. =p

I'll let you guys know when I become a mom. Don't worry. Haha.

Lissa said...

Ugh. AirAsia food is inedible. v.v

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Eh, last time not that bad wan leh. Now worse. But SIA's food also cannot make it. Only MAS.

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