Thursday, September 13, 2012

Perth, August '12: Garden City Haul 2

NOTE: Looks like Garden City very suey on Tinki Talks. Again, I messed up the timeline and blogged about lunch at Ipoh Restaurant and Harbour Town before writing about it. Haha.

During our second visit to Garden City, I bought a bunch of stuff for the future (totaling less than AUD $50 – steal!) and two happy-coloured camisoles for myself from Cotton On. (It seems like Cotton On is the only place I shop at in Australia. -_-''' #cheapskate #noclass)

 Lavender and Fluorescent are their official names.

AUD $20 for two camisoles.

I know, I know. With the 3.33 exchange rate at the time, they didn't turn out cheaper than I could have gotten them for in Malaysia (2 for RM60 locally) but... Malaysia don't have these colours!!! #defensive Plus, Fluorescent goes so well with Permisson. I just had to get it. No choice. *shifty eyes*

Aiya, just leave me alone lah. @_@

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