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Perth, August '12: Fremantle Markets, Perth

The white walls right across the street from Sandrino are... well, no longer white. They're beautifully muraled and graffitied! And not in a haphazard, splash-of-paint kinda way. This artist was detailed! How detailed? Well, the dude used Artline pens; not spray cans. @_@ That's how detailed his wall art was. But don't just take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

The bottom portion of this picture was actually the Artline logo.
I thought I took a picture of it up close but apparently not. :-/

After lagging behind to take these shots, The Husband and I caught up with the rest of the family and made our way down the street towards Fremantle Markets.

A sign outside a bookstore on our way to Fremantle Markets.

 Winter skies!

A slow 5-minute walk later, we were there.

 The entrance.

 Performances outside the market. Every week a different one!
Tip: Don't watch till the end if you don't intend to pay. =p

 Opening Days.

 Market info.

Fremantle Markets is split into two sections. The Hall is the first part you'll see when you walk through the main doors. This section sells general knick-knacks, toys, souvenirs, beads, music CDs, arts-fartsy stuff and some light bites, like ice-cream, coffee and other snacks.

Entryway into The Hall that can be seen right after entering Fremantle Markets.

Right to the left of where I snapped this picture – that is, on your left as soon as you enter Fremantle Markets – is a small honey shop that sells the best and tastiest (IMHO) honey ever! Mix with warm water and drink also syok!

They come in various flavours. We usually buy Wildflowers but it wasn't available this season. So, we decided on Tuart from Seabird this time around based on the lady seller's recommendation. No need to wonder what it tastes like though. They have sample bottles open with dip sticks (regular ice cream sticks) for you to try the many different flavours of honey before you buy.

The kind of artsy people you'll find at The Hall.

Walk right in till you reach another section that sells fresh produce. That's The Yard. (Sorry, I didn't think of snapping a pic here.) It's like our local fresh markets, except fresher and much, much cleaner! Hahaha. And they don't sell meats here. Only fruits and vegetables at unbelievably low prices. The local IGAs, and neighbourhood Coles or Woolsworths cannot compete at all. And like any market, they open earlier. But only just an hour earlier than The Hall.

We found cheap cherries that cost only AUD $19/kilo there
so we bought a big bag of fat red cherries to eat while in Perth.

Sooo good! I love cherries!

Fremantle Markets is basically a cool place in town that has hundreds of stalls that stock and sell loads of stuff. Perfect for visitors who are looking for some local buys to bring home for self, friends and family at affordable prices, as well as for locals to get their regular dose of shopping and marketing done at one place. I'd say it's a must-visit place if you're ever in Perth. Just make sure you're there over the weekend.

Fremantle Markets, Perth, WA.


Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street
Fremantle, Western Australia, 6959

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