Thursday, September 13, 2012

Perth, August '12: Ipoh Restaurant, Myaree

The Husband and I used to frequent Ipoh Garden Restaurant at Applecross at least once every week or two when I was in Perth. (More often still when he was alone in Perth, and there was no cooking being done!) I would have the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry (only available on weekends), he would have the Fish Head Bee Hoon, and we would share a pot of Genmaicha. Every. Time.

My in-laws visit it every time they're in town, too. Papa calls the place "Ipoh Hor Fun" instead of its actual name cos that's what they eat whenever they're there if they're not into having the super-king portion of Fish Head Bee Hoon. (Seriously, it's huge.) Yes, I understand it's pretty weird to go all the way to Perth, Australia for Malaysian food but... we do it all the same. Hahaha. Just like how we go to Perth for Italian, Jap-anese and Turkish food. =p #salahkonsep

Ok, so here is where it gets funny.

One of the nights, we all drove out to Applecross for the much-anticipated Ipoh Hor Fun. Parked our cars, walked to the shop, and lo and behold... IT WAS CLOSED! Not like, closed that night only okay. Like, closed for good! The place was dark and dingy, the floor was littered with Autumn leaves, the insides had already been torn down... basically, the shop was just empty and deserted.

As sign on the front door told us that they were shut down cos the management needed to reclaim the land or something like that. They weren't allowed to renew their lease. And it was dated like, 6 months ago or something. Been awhile. The rest of us were just like... "Aiyo... sien,"  when we went off elsewhere for dinner. But Papa? He was devastated for days!

So... after much Googling and calling – #manonamission – he discovered Ipoh Garden's sister restaurant's location. (Owned by the sister-in-law or something.) And it was on our final day in Perth, after a morning at King's Park & Botanic Garden, that we finally had lunch at Papa's "Ipoh Hor Fun". Haha. Don't mess. Nothing stands in the way of man and his food. =p

No pictures of the food, though.
It was just "meh" to me. -_-

I ordered Curry Chicken with Rice. I can't remember what The Husband had. The rest had Ipoh Hor Fun. And we all shared a plate of Fried Chicken. Overall, I'd say that the standard of the food is not as good as Ipoh Garden, although the menu is exactly the same – even in look and design. The tea they served wasn't fragrant Genmaicha either. It was the cheaper black tea, I think. Bo standard lah. Having eaten here once, I personally wouldn't come back by choice. Don't know about Papa though. =p


Lot 16
44/50 Hulme Court

Tel: 9330 6298

Open for lunch (11.30am - 2.30pm)
and dinner (6.00pm - 9.30pm),
from Tuesdays through Sundays.

Closed on Mondays.

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