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Perth, August '12: Taka's Kitchen, Shafto Lane, Perth City

After wondering around in the wilderness with wild animals all morning and stuffing our faces with Chinese dim sum all through late noon, we all headed back to the house in East Perth to sleep the afternoon away. But of course, before that, I just had to hang around outside and take a few pictures in our driveway since the sky was so blue today and the weather was so nice, right?

Wild flowers in our driveway!

That's the beauty of Spring in Perth. Truth be told, I've never been around during the peak of Spring so I have no idea how pretty it can actually get. But late Winter always astounds me anyways. Wildflowers of every kind and every colour bloom everywhere! In the gardens, at the walkways, along the streets, down the freeway, even in our rented driveway – E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! I loves!

Driveway rules.

You'd think that it's us Asians who are bad with rules but as it turns out, we were more obedient than the ang mohs. Stupid lady parked right in the driveway and left us hardly any room to maneuver to get into our garages. And not like she park short while only, okay. Park whole night summore! The babi-ness of it all. Ini kira bo akai. >(

The Husband left her a note on her windshield the next morning on our way out. But because the driveway was blocked and maneuvering was difficult, it took us awhile to get out. And of course, since we had two crying and whining kids with us, we ended up causing quite a stir and creating quite a commotion. She ran out screaming in a panic, "What's that on my windshield??? Is that a ticket?? Is that a ticket???" Hahaha. Memang patut kena heart attack.

Anyway, enough about her.
Back to my story at hand.

After our afternoon nap, we got up and the discussion on where to have dinner began all over again. Hahaha. This holiday really eat and sleep only. Haha.

Anyways, The Husband won this discussion so we ended up at a back lane in Perth City for cheap Japanese food at Taka's Kitchen. (I've blogged about them before here.) I asked for what I usually eat:

Teriyaki Fish.

The Husband ordered the Large set for me. For himself, too. Haha. So we get more fish, plus free Miso Soup! And that's on top of the free refillable Chinese Tea everybody gets. So worth it for just AUD $7.30, right?? (2 years on and they haven't increased price. Good job, Taka's!)

Free Chinese Tea. I wonder why they don't serve Japanese Green Tea.

My set meal with rice and free Miso Soup.

Up close and personal with my fish. The shredded cabbage
is super refreshing. I sapu-ed The Husband's portion, too!

I don't think the rest enjoyed this meal as much as The Husband and I did but... it's just one of those places we went to semi-often back when I was in Perth for 3 months in 2010 so... the memories there are good. Perhaps even better than the food. =) We'll probably come back again during our next visit. It's filling and cheap anyways. HAHA. #cheapskate

Taka's Kitchen Shafto Lane
Shop 5 & 6 Shafto Lane
347 - 417 Murray St.
Perth WA 6000
Tel: 08 9324 1234

Taka's Kitchen Barrack Street
150 - 152 Barrack St.
Perth WA 6000
Tel: 08 9221 4771

Taka's Kitchen Fremantle
Shop 2 Old Shanghai
6 Henderson St.
Fremantle WA 6160
Tel: 08 9335 7676

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