Sunday, September 02, 2012

Same Same... But (And That's A BIG But) Different

So you already know how The Husband and I usually prefer eating different things for breakfast, right? Well, yesterday morning, he suddenly said he wanted what I was having – Scrambled Eggs with Baked Beans on Toast. There I was thinking, "YESSSS!!! Finally! Cook one time, two people eat. Easy!" Mana tau... later, his order got more and more complicated. (Read: Different than mine.)

"I don't want butter in my eggs."

"I don't want toast; give me normal bread."

"I want to put the eggs and the beans on the bread myself."

Walauehhhh... Name only Scrambled Eggs and Baked Beans like me. But still totally different from what I'm having, right? Still have to cook twice. -_-''' So... I cooked. Twice. Layan. Give face.

 Our breakfast – mine on the left, his on the right.

 The Husband's breakfast of butter-less scrambled eggs
with baked beans and a slice of regular non-toasted bread.

 My breakfast of buttered scrambled eggs with baked beans
between two slices of toast.

Served it to him and sat down to tuck into mine. Then... the fella looks over at my plate and says, "Eh, can put all on my bread also ah?" with a grin. >(

The Husband's revised breakfast.

Too much man...


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