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Perth, August '12: Day Out At King's Park & Botanic Garden

Our final day in Perth began with a visit to Perth City's most famous park – King's Park & Botanic Garden. It was a beautiful, sunny day so I decided to ditch the jacket, forgo the camisole-under-baby-tee ensemble I'd been donning every day of the trip thus far and wear a super soft, red, long-sleeved blouse Mama lent me cos it fit me good.

 Me in my super comfy, super soft, red blouse.

Still wore a camisole under, though.
In case things get chilly later in the day.

Early Spring is actually my favourite time to visit King's Park. All the flowers are in bloom! The whole park is happy and colourful. So me being me, I just had to stop to smell the flowers take some pictures.


Those sunshine-yellow, daisy-looking flowers you see above are actually called Barrens Featherflower, a.k.a Verticordia helichrysantha. (See tag on second picture.) Looks normal but you probably haven't seen it much if you haven't been to WA. It's currently listed as a threatened, endangered rare flora. :-/

I have no idea what this one is called cos... I was called to "MOVE IT! MOVE IT!" The rest had bustled off in another direction and I was lagging behind. Haha. So, off to the State War Memorial site and view point, I went, in their footsteps.

 Standing at the steps of the State War Memorial, taking pictures.

 Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance and Pool of Reflection.

That's the Flame of Remembrance (a.k.a the eternal flame) on the Pool of Reflection (that circular water area) you see in the picture above. They both sit on the Court of Contemplation (the whole cemented section). Apparently, the Anzac Day's 5.30AM dawn services and Rememberance day official services are held here on the 25th of April and on the 11th of November annually. I've never been around to attend any of the services myself though. (Not that I'd wake up at 5.30am anyways. *snorts*)

We continued walking past the memorials until we got to the view point that overlooks the city and Perth Water. The Husband and I have spent many an evening looking at this view. We've seen in looking gloomy on downcast days, and we've also seen it splashed in brilliant colour from the setting sun. Today, it was just bright, sunny and pleasant. =)

Perth City and Perth Water from the view point.

We spent a significant amount of time here taking some group shots and family shots (KJ didn't come along so he isn't in any of them -_-) but I very quickly got distracted by some lavender close by.


It's funny. I've been to this part of King's Park numerous times but I've never noticed them before! Haha. Thing is, they don't smell nice and aromatic like the ones The Husband and I saw in London and Cambridge. I put my nose right up to the purple sections also no smell. Pfft. -_-'''

Then before I knew it, the rest were on-the-go again. (Haha. Tooi beh hoo, man. =p) We went to the gift shop – called Aspects – to look-see-look-see. (Cannot buy wan. Too expensive. And mostly home decor stuff like aboriginal art, etc.)

 New-age family portrait.

The only thing that caught my eye were these pins:

 Writer pins.

 New-Mum pins.

So cute, right??? But they were AUD $9 per set (I think lah, cannot remember liao) so I gave them a miss. Aiya at the end of the day, buy also never use wan lah. Waste money to syok lima minit nia. Haha.

King's Park & Botanic Garden.

And that's it! The end of our sightseeing and park-walking. Why? Cos we had to go back to Garden City to exchange some stuff (and do more shopping =p) before going for a lunch Papa has looked forward to since we arrived in Perth. But... more on that in another post!

The Husband and I at King's Park.

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Lissa said...

Love the top! :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– I love it, too! AND, it's so comfy! Really soft but still thick. Super nice.

Lissa said...

Your MIL has excellent taste. :D

pamsong said...

ATTN: Lissa
– Haha. She'll be glad to know that. But in this case, it was my FIL who bought her that top. =p

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