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Perth, August '12: Rainy Morning At Sorrento Quay, Hillary's Boat Harbour

On the fourth morning, we woke up to rain. Super heavy rain. In fact, it was already raining all through the night. Lots of thunder included. Never the matter, we had plans (that I wasn't aware about until we left the house =p). #happening

Woke up to breakfast at home again, took a hot shower, got dressed, then entertained, camwhored and made funny faces with The Husband's two-plus-year-old niece while waiting for the others to get ready.

Just me. Sorry.

Left the house, and got on the road with a GPS in one car (the other car follow behind), and headed for Sorrento. (I've blogged about this place before here and here.) I thought we were going to be tucking in to some awesome steak but turns out... that wasn't to happen this time around. =( Instead, we were going to just drive past the sea and check out Sorrento Quay at Hillary's Boat Harbour. In the wind and rain. @_@


Frizzy hair, no thanks to wet weather.

Wildflowers growing by the freeway!!!

So many different types in so many colours!

After while, we reached an intersection with nothing ahead of us but the blue, blue sea as far as the eye can see, from left to right, as well as to infinity and beyond ahead. (Am I overdoing it? Sorry. =p)

One right turn followed by a left a little way off
from that, and we reached our destination.

It was pretty deserted that day. Maybe cos it's a beach / marina... and it was raining. HAHA. So we pretty much had the place to ourselves save for a few old folks hanging around, and a few women from an ang moh tai-tai club who looked like they just finished a leisurely tai-tai brunch together. @_@ Whoaaa... Tai-tai-ness is international! Haha.


Signs from here to there, distance included.

I've always loved these point-in-every-direction kind of directional poles. And... Kuala LumpAr is on it! Not bad huh?? We're on the map, folks! Hahaha. Just 4183KM away from where I was standing when I took the shot.

Love this shot of bare-branched trees with the sun
in the background, messing up the exposure.

The marina.

It's called Breakwater.

Clouds being blown away by the wind.

The clouds moved at an incredible speed while we were there. The Husband and I actually stopped to stare for awhile cos it looked like the clouds were on a tape that was being forwarded. Just couldn't believe our eyes how quickly they were floating by.

Anyway, you probably can't really tell from the pictures above cos the trees you can see there are all bare, but the rain had let up a little, the wind was super strong, and the sun was shining brightly at the time.

The Husband and I going blind from the sun.
And I've also got hair in my eyes cos of the wind.

Wanna see how windy it really was?

Trees giving in to the bashing of the wind.

Crazy hair and squinty eyes.

Like I said, super strong winds. -_-'''

 Where to go and what to do.

There was supposed to be lots to do at Sorrento Quay lah but... the morning's rain kinda put a stop to every activity on the board. Everything was closed! Then, when rain drops started falling again, we ran for cover and decided to just give it up and have an early lunch at our rain shelter instead. Haha. But that's another story for another post. =)

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