Thursday, September 13, 2012

Perth, August '12: Harbour Town, Perth

After lunch at Ipoh Restaurant, we zoomed off to Harbour Town to do some last minute shopping. Here is where you'll find semi-branded stuff at marked down prices. I.e. The perfect place for poor Malaysians who have to convert everything to Ringgit Malaysia, to shop. HAHA.

But I didn't buy anything for myself here. Just a little blue cap for the future at AUD $1 and nothing else. Surprisingly, the blouses I bought from Cotton On at Garden City and Subiaco were much cheaper at those other outlets than they were here! Different place different discounts? Hmmm. So weird. But oh well, I'd rather I bought them for less and to see them selling for more rather than the other way around. Haha. No regrets! =p

One tip though. Don't bodoh-bodoh like us. Go so often, think like so smart liddat, didn't even bother checking out their promotions. -_-''' Rugi. So, if you're a tourist, don't make the same mistake! Make sure you get this card:

Don't say I never share good things with you. =p


840 Wellington Street
West Perth
Western Australia 6005


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