Thursday, September 06, 2012

Perth, August '12: Sharky's Fish & Chips, Sorrento Quay

we decided to run into Sharky's Fish & Chips
for an early Fish & Chips lunch. 

The Husband and I actually dined here once before back in 2010 when we once drove all the way to Sorrento in hopes of having us some Hippo Creek steak... but were turned away because there were no available seats in the house. -_-''' (Yes, that's how good the steak is.)


The Specials Menu. (We didn't order this.)

We decided to order a mixed seafood platter and two sets of Fish & Chips to share between the lot of us (6 adults and 2 kids under the age of 5) since we just had breakfast a little over an hour ago.

Mixed grilled seafood platter.

It arrived with with grilled Whiting, some scallops, prawns and calamari, on top of salad and fries, and surrounded by three dips – slaw, mayo and... urm... I have no idea what that red sauce is. Tomato puree? Anyway, I had a scallop and a prawn from this platter. Nothing to shout about when it came to the scallop but the prawn was uh-may-zing! Woo hoo! Wished there were more to go around. Oh, and according to KV, the calamari was really good, too!

Fish & Chips with MasterFoods squeeze-on tartar and tomato.

Golden brown.

This was superb as well. I think I had 3 pieces of fish. Haha. And of course, since I'm one of those people who can't fully enjoy my Fish & Chips without a healthy helping of tartare sauce, I had the time of my life with this little fella:

MasterFoods Squeeze-On Tartare Sauce.

But have to ration lah, of course. Plan each bite properly and make sure I have enough tartare to last me throughout the meal. Hahaha. #pathetic -_-''' It's weird but sauces here aren't free, and they don't come cheap. ='(

Because some of us never got to try the calamari KV was raving about earlier and cos there wasn't quite enough food to go around, we ended up ordering more. Salah order though. Instead of grilled, it all came fried so we were a bit jelak of all that batter already. Haha.

Anyway, IMHO, Sharky's Fish & Chips was super good. Waaaay better than the more-famous Cicerello's at Fremantle. I wouldn't mind coming here back again for more. You should try it for yourself if you're ever in town. =) Just make sure you come when it's not raining if you want to make your trip count. HAHA.


Sorrento Quay,
Shop 52 Hillarys Boat Harbour,
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Tel: +(61) 8 9243 8000

Open 10.00 am till late

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