Friday, August 31, 2012

Perth, August '12: Sandrino, Fremantle

Woke up nice and early the next morning, ate cereals in cold milk for breakfast, took a hot shower and got ready to head out to Fremantle for the day. But before that, there's camwhoring to be done! Haha.

 First morning in Perth.

I love the lack of humidity in Australia. It gives me good hair days effortlessly! My hair just behaves itself – no messy flyaways! I loves. So I got The Husband to camwhore with me.

That's The Husband's layan face. Haha.

When everyone was ready and dressed,
we headed out to Fremantle in two cars and
arrived at Sandrino in time for an early lunch.

 The restaurant is on Market Street.

The Husband and I visit Sandrino for their pastas each time we're in town. But in the last year that we've been away, they've suddenly doubled in size! They bought over the coffee place next door, too! Business must be real good for such expansion to take place.

 The coffee place next door that's now theirs has very pretty pillars.

Because we had a large group that consisted of 7 adults and 2 kids, we had to sit outside. No space inside for all of us. Not a problem to us though. Sitting inside means smelling like food for hours and hours after. So, when the weather is pleasant, alfresco dining is always the smarter choice. (DiGi!)

I ordered a Spaghetti Carbonara.

But mains take awhile to arrive so we tucked into some shared plates of fries and calamari in the mean time to tahan perut. And OMG, it was simply orgasmic. Soooo good!

Fries and Calamari.

*salivates at the memory*

And that, of course, was enjoyed with my absolute

The Husband pouring me some good ol' LLB!

And then we waited.
And waited. And waited.
Then finally...

Spaghetti Carbonara with cheese sprinkled on top.

By the time my Spaghetti Carbonara arrived, my Calamari and Fries had already settled well and good in my tummy and I was no longer hungry. Uh oh. That and it wasn't all that tasty either. IMHO, my regular Smoked Salmon Angelhair from Delicious beats this one flat. =p So... I only managed to clean off half the plate. :-/ Anyway, ciak also sim beh cheng lah. Too many seagulls around. Look!

A gull getting too comfy too close.

That's what you get when you eat near the sea. -_-'''

 Storefront as seen from across the street.

More about Freo in my next post!


95 Market Street
Fremantle W.A 6160

Telephone: 9335 4487
Fax: 9335 4488


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infinitium said...

everytime i look at the menu pricing, my wallet stifles a silent squeal.

cute shirt decal. reminds me of fireworks.

pamsong said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Ugh, tell me about it. And when we went, Aussie Dollar was sooo high I wanted to cry. 3.34 exchange rate, wei!! -_-'''

Oh, those aren't fireworks. Those are bubbles, actually. Haha. Further down the shirt, there's a kid blowing them. I think.

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