Monday, August 27, 2012

Back In KL

So, yes. I'm back.

Been back in Malaysia since late last Friday evening, actually. Only I was too knackered from my week-long trip down South and much too bothered by our 30-degree tropical heat to put in the effort of sneaking in a blog update. -_-'''

BUT... I shall not let this holiday miss out on its rightful place in the archives of Tinki Talks like so many unfortunate others have. *shame-faced* I shall blog about it! *determined*

Someday. =p

Soon. @_@


Anyhoo, I just made my way back down the North-South to get to KL this morning, only to arrive in town a little past 2PM, feeling all kinds of tired out from the drive. Even though I did none of the driving. Harhar. So give me some time to rest... and clear out my comp before I load up all that freed-up space with pictures of my 7 days in Perth, Western Australia. Stay tuned!!


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