Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What You Get When You Buy Organic

Bugs and creepy crawlies in your vege!

This one even survived the night in my fridge.
Haha. Tahan lasak betul!

Anyway, The Husband thinks I should start buying organic when it comes to the Butterhead Lettuce I buy weekly to dress up my sandwich lunches since it doesn't cost all that much more than the non-organic version. I don't mind eating either one lah but... organic lettuce sure comes with lots of holes, spots and bruises, which ultimately leads to lots of wasted leaves that I end up having to toss. Hmmm... Slightly more expensive but fewer nice leaves to eat plus a bug or two thrown in for good measure; or slightly cheaper with all leaves looking nice, green and edible. I can't decide. :-/


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