Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perth, August '12: Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep

Right after breakfast, we all went back to our temporary home in East Perth to catch up on some much-needed Zs. We ended up sleeping the entire afternoon away. Haha. Woke up when the sky was beginning to get dark. Semi-rested, we went out in search of some good food to fill our tummies.

The blue house – as seen again, on the drive to pick KJ
– The Husband's younger bro – from college.

So after French for breakfast and nothing for lunch, we decided to have Chinese for dinner. HAHA. What an Australian holiday, man. =p But no regrets lah. We ate at the aweseomest Chinese restaurant in town called Happy Meals. BEST! The food was so good I even added more rice and stuffed it all down my throat long before I even remembered to whip out my camera.

This is all that was left in my bowl
by the time my brain kicked in:

One little bit of Sizzling Tofu and just a bite of Chilli Pepper Chicken left.

Don't worry though. We returned to Happy Meals again later on in our stay so I'll talk more about the food and the restaurant in greater detail, in a later post.

After eating our fill, we all went back sleep some more. HAHA. =p

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