Monday, August 13, 2012

Smoked Salmon Angelhair, Delicious, Sunway Pyramid

After craving and longing and wishing and praying for a mouth-watering taste of Delicious' Smoked Salmon Angelhair for MONTHS, I finally got what I wanted. The Husband brought me to Delicious, Sunway Pyramid last Thursday night...

...and I ordered the best item on the menu. =D

Awesome-est item on the menu – Smoked Salmon Angelhair
tossed in Ceam, servied with Caviar & Parsley.

We shared a Rose Soda.

After an excruciating wait – we happened to be there during Breaking Fast Hour (-_-''') – my Smoked Salmon Angelhair arrived, looking like a million bucks... and not the actual RM29.50 it was actually worth. Haha.

Oh, what a beauty. Much love.

First bite.

Then before I knew it...

Clean plate in exactly 10 minutes. @_@ Less, if you include photography time between bites. =p The Husband got a shock cos this hardly ever happens. I'm a painfully slow eater. But this time, he was only halfway through his meal by the time I was licking my lips! Hahaha. Look!

The Husband's unfinished meal.

So instead of wasting time just sitting there, watching him eat, I decided to dig through my "finished" meal to see if there was any scraps I could salvage.

8 caviar, one tiny shred of smoked salmon, 3 strands of angelhair.

Needless to say, I enjoyed
this precious little spoonful, too. Yums!

Gosh, I can hardly wait for my next fix.
Am thinking about it already.

*licks lips*


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