Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perth, August '12: Two Flights And A Transit

So as you guys already know, I flew off to Perth, Western Australia for a week-long break with The Husband and his family last week. A holiday I was looking forward to considering how there probably won't be time for a year-end holiday for The Husband and I to enjoy this 2012. Boo hoo.

The first part of the journey actually began in KL for The Husband and I. We made our way up to Penang by car on late Wednesday night to meet everybody else who were already there. It was minutes to midnight by the time we arrived. -_-'''

Needless to say, by the time Friday afternoon arrived for us to cab our way to Penang International Airport for our flight, I was already feeling all kinds of tired out. And the official traveling hadn't even started! Haha. Thankfully, Penang International Airport isn't all that big so there was minimal walking involved. Before long, we were on our way!

Boarding passes for our PEN-SIN flight.

The view right after take off.

Snacks on the plane.

The sardine sandwiches were terrible. Stank up the whole plane nice and good. And you see that vile-looking red drink on the right? That's tomato juice – The Husband's idea of a healthy drink that he thinks I need. Yuck. It's like drinking cold, watery bolognese sauce. Blergh. What I did like, though, was the view once we went up past the clouds.

So pretty! But of course, it got prettier still
once evening hit and the sun started setting. 

But, as always, while I enjoyed
nature's late evening display of light,
The Husband snoozed the flight away.

We flew SIA this time around which resulted in a 5-hour transit at Changi Airport. Yup. FIVE. FREAKING. HOURS. of aimless loitering around. Sure, we went past immigration for awhile and had dinner at Soup Restaurant but... other than that, it was lots of window shopping, lots of aimless walking, some snacking and too little sitting being done. My feet and back were killing me big time! Thankfully, The Husband managed to find a nice, quiet spot near a Koi Pond for me to rest... and camwhore. =p

Please excuse the eyebags. I was tired and it was
just waaaay too close to midnight for my liking. =_=

An half hour's worth of crossed-legged rest,
and we were off to catch our next flight!

 Boarding passes for our SIN-PER flight and passports.

 2,432 miles (i.e. 5+ hours) from Singapore to Perth.

The plane was a pretty old one but
as always, the little things kept me happy.

 Silk pillow covers! I was tempted to snitch the cover home. @_@

Fragrant hot towel.

By the time we were high up in the air, it was easily 2AM and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I asked for some eye shades and tried to catch some shut eye. Unfortunately, the stewardesses on this flight were super noisy, totally inconsiderate and oblivious to the fact that this is a MIDNIGHT flight and that the people on board need rest. >(

They were talking at the top of their voices and clanking their things around! Terrible! If there were complaint cards we could fill up, I totally would have. One stupid stewardess even woke me up at 4:30AM to say, "Good morning!! We're serving breakfast!!" in a annoyingly perky voice. But guess what?? Her food cart only reached me almost an hour later at 5:23AM!!! That's one hour's worth of sleep wasted! Grrrr...

Breakfast – Omelet with veal sausage. 

And not like the wasted sleep was made up with a hearty and enjoyable breakfast also. Breakfast sucked. Pathetically, the best part was the bun and butter. -_-''' Air Asia and MAS definitely serve better in-flight meals. Malaysian food FTW lah. Singapore food really beh ciak. I even needed an extra cup of hot water to wash everything down and get the bad taste of plastic egg out of my mouth.

 Hot water.

I couldn't have been happier when we landed in Perth International Airport. Hopped off the plane, left the gate, went through immigration, grabbed our checked-in luggage, picked up our rented car, stepped through the automatic doors and out into the cool, late Winter breeze and warm Australian sunlight. Finally, the holiday begins!!

Ahh, familiar sights indeed. =)
Hello, Perth! It's been too long! =D

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