Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sold On Aesop

So remember how I was gushing over the greatness of Aesop's Violet Leaf Hair Balm in March this year? Well, recently I purchased another Aesop item that I'm currently madly in love with: the Geranium Leaf Body Scrub.

Bought it earlier this month but only used it for the first time today. Was feeling very blah about life and was tired from laundry and mopping and other random house keeping stuff that I just felt that a self-pampering perk-me-up would do me good. So I decided to indulge in a warm bath, with a scrub. And OMGGGG, I think I died and went to heaven. It smelled soooo good my skin is now as smoooooth as a baby's bottom!! I love it!

Oh, and what I failed to mention earlier was that the gay dude at the Aesop counter who sold me the scrub (also the same gay dude who sold me the hair balm back in March) remembered me and gave me a shitload of sample sachets to take home. In fact, he gave me so many that I feel ashamed to post any pictures of the stash I went back with. Hahaha. So... no pictures. All I know is that I'm a super fan of Aesop now and I'm so going back to this dude for more free samples products next time! =p


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