Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Perth, August '12: La Galette de France Café, Nedlands

After checking in to our temporary home at East Perth, we immediately convoyed out again to grab a bite in Nedlands. There's a cosy French café that sells crepe's there. One that The Husband and I had never been to. So, off we went!

Passing the floating blue house on Mounts Bay Road as always.

Perth isn't known for its erratic weather (unlike hormonal Melbourne) but I always seem to be there when the weather is at its most extreme. The trip before this in March 2011, I melted from the supremely hot Summer heat. -_-' The trip before that from May to August 2010, I froze my butt off through their coldest Winter in 15 years. T_T Thankfully, this time around, Perth decided to play nice! With highs of 20ºC and lows of 8ºC, the weather couldn't have been more perfect. =)

It was a nice day for a drive. But Perth City isn't all that big (although WA is H-U-G-E) so before we knew it, we arrived at our French-in-Australia destination:

It was a cosy little place that seats about 20pax max, inside and out. The servers weren't exceptionally friendly but... I wasn't there for them. I wanted food!

The Husband and I decided to share a Ham & Cheese Savoury Crepe. We were the only two who were kiasu enough to wake up for the airline breakfast so we weren't as hungry as the rest. Haha.

Random shot while waiting for the food to arrive.

My hot choc with marshmallows. Not great. I've had better.

After about 10-15mins, this arrived:


That's our savoury crepe??

Haha. So not what I was expecting.

Looks more like chapati to me.
Where's my dahl and kari ayam?? =p

Ham and melted cheese on the inside.

It tasted a little weird at first bite cos it's like having something savoury wrapped in something sweet. But after awhile, my taste buds got used to it. Don't let its slim form deceive you though. It was pretty filling! Even sharing, I felt sufficiently full after The Husband and I finished it. Must be all that sinful cheese they stuffed into it. =p

I would return to La Galette de France again
but I think I'll order something else next time.


125B Broadway,
Nedlands, WA 6009.

Mon – Sat: 6.30am – 3.00pm
Sun: 7.00am – 2.00pm


Telephone No.: (08) 9386 5097 
Web Address:

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