Monday, August 13, 2012

Invitation To A Fairytale Wedding

Yup. Got served again. Haha.

I guess The Husband and I are just at that age where the people we know are all settling down and tying the knot. These folk got served by us last year. (See a picture of this Disney buff bride-to-be and I in Penang at my wedding in July last year here.) So, this year, they're returning the favour with a KL wedding in September. Fair lah, I suppose. HAHA.

Only problem is... I dunno what
to wear to a Disney wedding leh.


No, that's for the bride.

Princess-y ball gown?

No, that's for the bride, too.

*blink blink*

Dang, I sure could use a fairy godmother
or some twinkly pixie dust right now. :-/


kellster said...

Haha, my wedding theme is story book! not disney! so hope this helps with the dress hunt :P hahahaha!

pamsong said...

ATTN: kellster
– Wth!? That's even worse! How the heck am I going to find story book clothes?! T_T

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