Monday, August 13, 2012


After numerous rounds of planning and cancelling and more planning and more cancelling *stares daggers and points fingers at Lamé* ...Duh Roads, Lamé and I f-i-n-a-l-l-y met up for a simple reunion at Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.

First stop was for some hearty Big Breakfast for me and Lamé at La Bodega (Duh Roads already had her lunch before we met up, and actually, so did I =p) and then, because they didn't seem to have any good dessert or have any working air-conditioning, for that matter (OMG, hot hot hot! -_-''') we went down to WHISK for some celebratory cake.

Which is of course where we whipped out our camera
and camera phones to collect some memories. =p

Duh Roads chose this healthy
Granny Something-Something cake
with a side of coffee...

...while Lamé and I picked this sinful
Chocolate Something-Something cake
with an RM5 orange juice each.

(The latter came in really small glasses
and looked supremely pathetic so I didn't
even bother taking any pictures. Wth.)

After that, Lamé and I proceeded to embarrass Duh Roads with a belated birthday celebration with kiddie Winnie The Pooh "Happy Birthday" candles. HAHA.

The belated birthday girl who turned 27 last week!

We actually ordered jsut one cake to share but... no way were the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" going to fit into ONE slice of cake so we ordered the second chocolate cake. Haha. By then, the woman started to get worried cos she knew something was up liao. Harhar. She should have known us better by now.

 Duh Roads and I.

Us and the birthday girl with her heavily decorated cakes.
Totally out of focus. HAHA. Oh well, at least the words
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" are clear. 

After that, we borrowed a light from the waiter
and really made it a celebration.

So pretty when lighted up! =D

 HUSBAND, I want candles like these
for my birthday this year!!!

Duh Roads and Lamé.

Duh Roads and I.

We took so long with the pictures that the candles ended up looking a royal mess by the time we were ready for the candle blowing. Haha. Colourful wax was everywhere and on everything! Even the plates! Whoops. =p

Only 2 more flames lighted. The rest went out. -_-'''

Blowing out her birthday candles. =)

A half-headed Pooh with no eyes. @_@

After that we spent 2-3 hours just eating and talking. All in all, it was a good time of catching up with each other after spending such a long time apart. =)

Candle aftermath.



We should do it again sometime!

Pam Song


ViTaMin^AbbY said...

hhaha, we so should do this again lor!!!

*hint* my bday soon... muahah

pamsong said...

ATTN: ViTaMin^AbbY
– Hahaha. You dun look at me. You the ffk queen. =p You plan! Mwahahaha.

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