Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kawaii Wednesday

The higher the stress, the busier the day,
...the more reason to play. =p

Inspired by Asian Poses.

POSES LISTED BELOW FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE (in case you wanna semangat kawaii Khamis, too! =p) IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE:
  1. Freestyle 1
  2. Heart Shape (with standing pinky)
  3. Shush
  4. Adjusting Glasses
  5. Hey (except I'm doing Louder – cos I salah channel >.<)
  6. Pointing
  7. Bang!
  8. Frame
  9. Confused
  10. Praying
  11. Call Me
  12. Claws
  13. Pigtails (and some boys for side decor)
  14. Nyan Nyan
  15. Daydreaming
  16. The May Yeen 1
  17. The May Yeen 2
  18. V Sign
  19. Giant Heart
  20. Surprised
  21. Pillow
  22. Blowing A Kiss
  23. Double V Sign
  24. Punch To The Face
  25. Fighting!
  26. Puffy Cheeks 1
  27. Puffy Cheeks 2
  28. Freestyle 2


Jan said...

lol pam you are so cute~~~~~~~~~`

pamsong said...

– Haha. It's kawaii. It's supposed to be cute. Haha.

Ping Ping said...

so cuteeee...if my friend and I were to take such picture, only the first two will work. Cuz we will laugh for the next 26 pictures. Don't even know why and it'll turn out that the laughing picture is much more entertaining. XD

pamsong said...

ATTN: Ping Ping
– HAHA. Oh, trust me. We were laughing like idiots between shots, too. =p

zecount said...

i nearly died of extreme laughter! Still a part of me is puzzled .. how is it possible for fully grown adults to act like this !

pamsong said...

ATTN: zecount
– Gotta let that kid out sometimes. =p

Spectre said...

pam,u must have a urge to show your kawaii side while working ?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– Hahaha. Contrary to popular belief, this whole exercise wasn't my idea. Terrible lah you. Everything also blame me. -_-'

hon said...

issit me or are you, like, damn free during working hours?! haha!

pamsong said...

ATTN: hon
– Eh! We need to inspire creativity okayyy. This is pre-work kinda work! =p

Spectre said...

No lah I never blame u . I envy U cuz can do anything u like at office without getting tembak from the bozz. next time camwhore with bozz?

LilJo said...

OMG... Super SUper Cute...*faint due to overdosed of kawaii-ism* LOL

Seraph said...

kawai-ness lol

pamsong said...

ATTN: Spectre
– Haha. I have some shots of myself and the bosses kicking back and being silly. Haha. Maybe I'll post them one day. =p

– Haha. Kawaii-ism. I like that word. Haha. Go, kawaii-ism!!! =p

ATTN: Seraph
– Haha. Yessss. Plenty of kawai-ness to go around.

Marc said...

Ok i must say its quite unique and entertaining.

Jeffro said...

HOLY~~~ Damn free hor??
AsianPosingPamSong (APPS)..
OMG... *envy gilerbabi* I wish I had a bunch of colleagues lidat.. coz they spell out F.U.N

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