Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S05E13

NOTE: By the time you read this, my eyes would have probably gone back to normal, my nose would have probably stopped running, and my favourite word probably wouldn't have been "stupid" anymore. Cos this post was scheduled for a delayed publishing hour. -_- 48-hour dry-spell advertorial rules and all that. Bleh.


Stupid emo episode just made me bawl my eyes out like a friggin' baby. T_T Especially toward the end when the on-screen crying began. T_T Why do people write this kind of scripts!?! T_T To screw with our minds?! T_T To mess with our heads?! T_T To emotionally torture us!? T_T Urgh! T_T Stupid Meredith Grey! T_T With her stupid permanently blank, emotionless expression! T_T And her stupid Seattle hospital! T_T Boo! T_T

– Written by Pam Song at 4:11AM
on Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Resurrected said...

sick again? =O

hon said...

oh... here's my shoulder. *lends*

alternatively, watch some how i met your mother or the big bang theory to cheer you up again. that's my usual routine. =)

though the both are on pause for now...

pamsong said...

ATTN: Resurrected
– Heh? No la. Where got sick?

ATTN: hon
– I haven't watched How I Met Your Mother before. And I never even heard of Big Bang Theory. -_-''' So sesat. Haha.

p/s: You understand Malay right?

Mel0dramatic said...

Wow... you really take your dramas seriously.

Don't think I've ever bawled over a show. Came close but never tipped me over emotionally.

hon said...

which makes me wonder... didnt grey's ended its latest season weeks ago?

both HIMYM and TBBT are really nice comedies with a little bit of romance thrown in... with other retarded stuff that makes comedies funny of cos. =p

ps: and unfortunately malay is no go for me (cos the only malay i know are the words from my national anthem). my mandarin is just as lousy. but i am fluent in hokkien, cantonese, english and an occasional french word or two. haha.

pps: what does sesat mean? enlighten me please!

Jack said...

wah.. what is this? someone spill water to ur eye is it?? geeee.. get a grip of ur self..

pamsong said...

ATTN: Mel0dramatic
– Haha. No lah. Not take it seriously. But I feeeeel lor. Haha.

You buat macho only issit?

ATTN: hon
– Yeah, it did. Haha. I lagging cos I waited until GG ended before moving back to Grey's. =p

I think I still like Friends best. =)

Eh... Melayu tak tau? Mana boleh??? (Translation: Eh... Dunno Malay? How can???) But ok lah. At least your Hokkien boleh guna. Haha.

Sesat means "Lost". So if people say, "Why you so sesat?" it means, "Why are you so lost??"

ATTN: Jack
– BOO. Man with no compassion.

hon said...

friends was nice in the earlier seasons... when they started sleeping around with each other, that was where it all went south. haha.

Jin said...

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