Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gaining? Thought So.

But apparently, I'm not. -_-'

You know that that's an intro
to a story, don't you? Well, here goes.

Duh Roads and I paid Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant a visit last week. The woman had a sudden craving for it so... ok lor. Go makan only lah. No big deal. Thing is, I had to pop by Pyramid for awhile to collect some stuff so Duh Roads went ahead in her own ride to chup place. (Damn kau kiasu wei we all. Haha.)

Guess what? In spite of it being dinner hour and all, she didn't have to wait! +1 point (If you didn't know, that never EVER happens.) They immediately gave her a table on the second floor. She went up, sat down and guess what? The chicken wings came out at the most perfect-est time! +1 point She was already where the food was cos she was taking stuff for our soup so she could grab us a whole plate of wings! +12 points (She took what looked like a dozen wings.) How amazing is that, I ask you?? (Like, super amazing lorrr.)

TOTAL SO FAR: +14 points
(Lookin' good.)

Anyhoo, overall, our dinner turned out pretty good lah. We ate, refilled, ate and refilled, then finished off with honeydew ice cream. +2 points (I indulged in two rounds of ice cream – yums!) The only bad part was that there was this irritating, Canto-speaking, cakap banyak woman sitting at the table next to ours. -5 points (She talked A. LOT.) Wah, I tell you... Terrible lah she. Non-stop complaining and ordering people around without doing anything herself. See also beh tahan. Duh Roads and I promptly decided that if we end up having friends like that, we'd stop hanging out with them.

TOTAL SO FAR: +11 points
(Whoops. Dropped a little there.)

We were the second last table to leave the place (haha, we also talked a lot) and upon going down to the cashier counter, we met the infamous English-speaking Steamboat Boi. He was manning the cashier counter lah. Well, guess what? He actually remembers me. +1 point (Pretty surprising considering this visit was only the 3rd time I'd been there since I first met him back in January.) Thing is... while I was settling the bill, he smiled and said, "Hey, you lost weight, huh?" -1,203,829 points

So, ladies and gentlemen, that brings us
to a grand total of -1,203,817 points
for Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant.
(Totally terkandas giler babi.)


I lost weight meh???


infinitium said...

eh hello... ppl say you lost weight... in most civilizations, that's a compliment!

+2,023,456 points back!

Jan said...

Prev posts abt h1n1.. You are scaring me, i think i spent like 1hours++ in the room listening to the people singing inside, inclusive of the spinning dj.

Looking at the pics from your prev post, i think you lost weight too =X

pamsong said...

ATTN: infinitium
– Wah wah! Protective lor! How come ah??? You know him personally?! Got share with Yuen???

– Hahahaha. I was in the acoustic room for about an hour plus also. Summore we go watch Sepet in the main hall. Hmmm. Bad bad bad. Just make sure you take care lor. If got signs, go check immediately.

EH! You also think I lost weight!??! T_T

ChickLit said...

Need moar dinner. ;-)

pamsong said...

ATTN: ChickLit
– But but... I eat a lot for a girl di!

Storyteller said...

I have a theory...

You didn't lose weight.

He was flirting with you.

infinitium said...

yep, standing up on behalf of all innocent-kena-tembak-kau-kau guys out there...

pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– HAHAHA. Well, his "compliment" terkandas worrr. =p But he did smile when he said it lah. Haha.

ATTN: infinitium
– Wah wah. So noble.

Storyteller said...

So the man fumbles.. better that then some creep who reads your blog then pretends he doesn't and then tell you you gained weight now isn't it?

+1 to steamboat guy

hon said...

what? you expected:

"you're fat, now pay the check and scoot off."

then you'll award him +3 gazillion points?

pam, play fair! he was being nice! haha.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Storyteller
– Hahahaha. True true. We'll see if he says I'm fat the next time I go there. If he does, then I'll know he reads my blog. Haha.

ATTN: hon
– Eh, you talk like that sure cannot get the chickas lah. Gotta say something like, "Hey, I think you look very hang fuk now. Look better." HAH! See??? Now, THAT would have given him +3 gazillion points.

But okay. Fine. I'll play fair. He was trying to be nice. Mana tau, backfire. Haha.

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