Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boobie Size And How It Affects Brain Size

Okay, so I found a thread of comments from this post on male brains I wrote some time last week so interesting that I just had to blog about it. Haha. But... First things first.

Background info:

This dude was saying that I should wish for bigger boobs (think: 36DD) so that my brain would shrink to accommodate my increase in... uh, assets... then I wouldn't be thinking about things as much as I do. *rolls eyes*

Well, I responded and then this other dude agreed with Dude 1's comment! Saying that he's also noticed an odd correlation between boob size and brain size. Could it be true? Heh heh. Let's find out...

Marilyn Monroe wannabe, Lindsay Lohan, has got big boobies. And she's not a very smart woman, if you ask me. Bombshell Pammie Anderson? Not too bright either. (The blond hair didn't help.) Jessica Simpson? Like, hello... have you even watched Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica??? She's a whole continent's worth of bimbodom and more. ON 5FT. HIGH STILETTOS, OKAYYY!


Should I bother going on ah? Hmmm.
I think not. I sense my gag reflex kicking in.

So there you have it. Big boobies don't do nuts when it comes to intelligence. In fact, it shrinks brain size to make room for milk ducts and fatty tissue. I shall conclude my research with this note: in my very-professional opinion, I think we can safely assume that Britney's downfall was due to her boob job. In her first single "Hit Me Baby One More Time", she was less... filled. But by "Sometimes" she was seen to have 'grown' exponentially. That was the beginning of the end. By "I'm A Slave For You", it was bye bye birdie.


Big boobies do more harm than good.

I rest my case.


Ooo, ooo! Wait! On an entirely separate note (that oddly still manages to link to what I've been saying), my workmates and I always pee when we find ourselves stuck mid-brainstorm. It's been discovered that an emptied bladder makes room for brain juice.

Tee hee.


3POINT8 said...

No wonder malaysians seemed way much more smarter compared to others in foreign countries.

pamsong said...

– HAHAHAHAHA. Good one.

pamsong said...

– Eh, my friend says, "hahahaha ur fren has a really funny way of reasoning things."

Haha. You got fan. =p

Angie said...

The boys of my faculty came out with this equation...

Cup A = Average A student
Cup B = Average B student

cHanTeLLe said...

Lol... Which tells alot abt hw Asians are smarter than Europeans...

So, nw I can say sigh in relief "Lucky I'm not that big ah!"

This goes to say, big doesn't mean gd... I'd rather hav smaller boobs than smaller brains...

Janelle - **

pamsong said...

ATTN: Angie
– Haha. Looks like they've got it all worked out! =p

– Haha. You think just like 3POINT8. =p

And ya, man. It's stuff I discover like this that makes me glad I'm who I am with what I have. HAHA.

It's true. I'd want bigger brains more than bigger boobs... although the latter sounds enticing, too. =p

sheon said...

hahahahaa.....your theory on britney...ahahahha..ahahh...thats original man!! ahahah....

milk ducts and fatty tissue, well, although i am no scientist...but tat was what i could think of to reason too!

come back and cont later....gotta go breakie....

mIcheLLe said...


But I wouldn't mind having bigger boobies and still keep my current brain thank you T_T

it is true though if one has boobies she dont have no brains. And the other way round. :)

zecount said...

hmmm ..maybe all plastic surgeons have to put some kind of disclaimer .. at ur own risk ... breast augmentation will result is direct proportions with intelligence .. the increase of cup size will decrease intelligence ... blonds/bimbos will have exponential results

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Haha. Really ma. Her boobs grew so suddenly. Haha. Her career also crashed and burned so suddenly. Haha. Match made in heaven. =p

ATTN: mIcheLLe
– You think so, too? Haha. Damn, now I feel so anti-feminist. -_-

pamsong said...

ATTN: zecount
– HAHAHAHA. You should write their disclaimers for them. I think you're a natural!

xxmiChelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xxmiChelle said...

Well think about this:

If Malaysians got money, good + especially TRUSTWORTHY technology on plastic surgeries, got guts to do them, they won't meh?

well I've got natural blossoms, though I'm not that smart but I'm definitely not stupid either, confidently topping loads of boob-less / smaller boobies people in class.

no offence, just my opinion :) but this is soooo judgmental.

Brains or no brains definitely have nothing to do with boobs, it's a matter of whether that person themselves want to use their brains or not only.

sheon said...

xxmichelle: hey, nice to 'meet' you. you're lucky you're blessed. the genes just isnt predominant in chinese blood.

well, i am certainly not stereotyping here. i'm just stating the statistics that is apparent inside my circle of friends. however, there are also frens of mine who are blessed with both the boobs and brains.

pamsong said...

ATTN: xxmiChelle
– Haha. Oh dear. Here's another one who missed the post. Dearie, we all love sarcasm here. And for a person who boasts intelligence AND boobies, I'm surprised you didn't get the joke. Haha.

And hmmm. I don't think that we'll all wanna do it (bust enhancement) even if it's trustworthy, cheap and good in quality. Not everybody's into the big bust thing. Makes buying clothes a tad hard, don't you think?

p/s: I think I liked your initial comment better. =p And it's good that you've got boobies. Congratulations on being the envy of many women. Haha.

ATTN: sheon
– Haha. So diplomatic. But yeah. The statistics do support our ridiculous claims. =p

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