Friday, April 18, 2008

The Blogger Movie Meet IS ON!

Hey, guys!

Due to overwhelming response (che-wah...) we received after the two notification posts (*click here to read Pam Song's post* and *click here to read YapThomas' post*), the Blogger Movie Meet is now officially declared ON! ON! ON! And... we've got waaay more than 5 bloggers attending! Haha. In fact, there are 16 confirmed bloggers with a total of 18 attendees! Woo hoo! How cool is that?! You guys rock, lah. Never fail to surprise me. Plan secara spontan also you all support. Haha. I like. =)


The following is a list of bloggers who have
confirmed their attendance (in no particular order):

1. Pam Song.
2. YapThomas.
3. David Lai.
4. Yatz.
5. David Cheong.
6. amb3r1te.
7. Charlie.
8. joshuaoys.
9. Sheon.
10. Choo Hwei Ming.
11. aronil.
12. Jan & BF.
13. Kellster.
14. Small potato.
15. Narymama.
16. Nigelais x 2.


So, guys. The details are now set as such, okay...

Date: 20 April 2008
Day: Sunday
Time: 1:45pm
Location: Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara
Meeting Point: Foot of staircase (as soon as you pass the entrance into Cathay)
Movie: Definitely, Maybe (Confirm already!)

I know it's kinda last minute but we had to change the time because, upon reserving the tickets, we found out that the movie actually STARTS at 2:45pm. Means that if we meet at 2.30pm, it'll be too late already lor! All our reserved seats will be sold. CANNOT! Talk about it also so pantang.

So... seeing that this is the case right now, we'll have to collect our reserved group tickets by about 2pm. And as I said before, we're not millionaires and neither are we a full-blown company like Nuffnang, so we won't be able to cough up so much money for this many tickets. Plus, we're trying to eliminate the risk of us buying tickets and not have the bloggers show up lah. (No, I don't doubt you but... you never know lah, right? Must cover backside also, right?)


And... now, there's this other thing we're thinking of doing – LUNCH! Haha. Another spontaneous plan is in the works. Details below:

Date: 20 April 2008 (Duh.)
Day: Sunday (Double duh.)
Time: 12 noon
Location: McDonald's, Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara

Come join us if you're interested. It'll give us some extra time to mingle and exchange blog addresses to increase unique hit counts get to know each other a little better (before going into darkened rooms together). Again, we may have to get tables with more seats if there are more people joining the lunch so just leave a comment to say you're comin' if you are. It don't matter if you're a little shy with strangers. I promise I'll be nice. And I'll hunt down and skewer any other blogger who dares take a stab at you while you're in my presence. =)

See you guys this Sunday!!!

p/s: Sorry, guys. IMPORTANT NOTICE: I wrote a different lunch location than planned!!! *slaps forehead* We're not meeting at the 24-hour drive-thru but at the McDONALD's that's located at the GROUND FLOOR of CINELEISURE, okay? Made the change in the post already ya. Remember, don't go to the wrong McD's!


-popjammerz- said...

I can't go...:(
got stuffs to do..

hey David Lai is my friend!!! U guys wil really hv a great time with him there

enjoy ya!! :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: -popjammerz-
– Aww. Too bad you can't join us. Would have been fun having you around, too. Haha. I'll go see if David Lai meets the glorious introduction you're giving him now. =p

yapthomas said...

Cineleisure ground floor got McD!

the drive thru is so freaking far.. !!! :P


pamsong said...

ATTN: yapthomas
– Haha. Ok lah ok. Change di. =p Relek.

Hlynn said...

Interested here though I don't know 99% of you all(except that all of us are nuffnangers).. lol.


Choo Hwei Ming said...

hlynn: like what pam song say... Come first, worry later... :p

anyway, just the thought.. after the movie, want to urgent to pyramid for another KL freeze in conjunction of earth day?

this time, its supported by

joshuaongys said...

yea thats wat i was thinking also.. go to sunway after dat... how bout that?? nyway i cant make it for lunch... dats like just after church lolx... but the movie meeting at 1.45 is no prob for me

sheon said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! happy.

sheon said...

choo: there is a freeze in pyramid?? gosh..i'm so in!!!! details?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Hlynn
– So does 'interested' mean that you'll be joining us? Haha. Come lah! Just be sure to confirm that you'll be coming. =)

And yea, come first, worry later. We also don't know each other wan!

ATTN: Choo Hwei Ming
– Haha. You learn fast. =p

I can't make it for the freeze. You guys go on ahead. It should be a blast. Haha. But... what time does the freeze start anyway? I remember reading about it but now I cannot remember the time.

ATTN: joshuaongys
– Nvm lor. Just come right after church and if it's before 1:45, you come over to McD's but if it's 1:45 already, you come straight to Cathay lor. =)

ATTN: sheon
– Haha. Quite fun hor? =p

Did you go for the freeze in Sungai Wang?

JYJL said...

Now u forgotten about us movie kaki la~! :<

sheon said...

yes, if sungai wang is in kedah.....


excuse me for shouting..... :P

pamsong said...

– NEVER! You all always choose days and times I cannot go wan! Not my fault.

ATTN: sheon
– HAHA. Take leave lah. You have so many days wat. Sket what?

Anonymous said...

DEY, Kellster coming?!
I wish I could go now. Wanted meet her for some time. always see her at 1u somehow.


pamsong said...

ATTN: Anonymous
– Haha. Yeah, she is. See, this is why when ppl plan things you should always support lor. HAHA.

Who are you anyways? Why anonymous wor?

Charlie said...

see you guys there.

Charlie said...

pam pam, i reach there ngam ngam 1.45pm but dont see you guys at the meeting point. Sob Sob.... somemore i anyone's contact no.

Simon Seow said...

Yo! 11 of them are in my blog roll. I so wanna meet them. T_T

pamsong said...

ATTN: Charlie
– OH NO!!! Aiyo... Cos we were late going up. Many ppl arrived late for the lunch so only Thomas Yap went up at about 2pm to get the tickets. everybody else stopped by McD's when they saw nobody at the contact point. NOOOOO!!! Am so sorry Charlie. We plan again some other time, okay? Many other good movies coming up. =(

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Wah. You this time really rugi, man. Nvm. Next time. WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN!!! It was heaps of fun. =p

Charlie said...

LATE? omg, i rush rush rush rush, and i thought I was late. I left at 2.30pm. haiz, nevermind, arrange another one next week. LOL

pamsong said...

ATTN: Charlie
– No lah, as in we were late for the lunch so many were still eating by 1:45pm. Then Yap was sent up to get the tix at 2 just before they released our reserved tix. Sorry ya. We'll do something again soon. Stay tuned. Plans are already in the making. =)

small potato said...

whoops..i think i miss out this wan..jz only check ur post n found out the sorry bout this..hope to meet u gr8 guys in future ;)

pamsong said...

ATTN: small potato
– Aww, it's okay. More to come, ya? Haha. More to come.

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