Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Si Liao Laaa

Nuffnang so nice. Gimmie ad. =)

But everytime I see this ad...

...I stress out.

It reminds me that I HAVEN'T SUBMITTED MY INCOME TAX YET!!! How!? Firstly, I haven't done it before so I'm super noob when it comes to the thousands of borangs (i.e. forms) that I'm required to fill. Secondly, I don't know where to go to get my online pin number so that's going to be a problem. Thirdly, I wouldn't know how to even use the online system. (Don't know the web address, in the first place.) Fourthly, I don't even know if I'm taxable! HOW NOW!?!


How much do tax consultants
charge for their services?

Better yet...

Does anybody know a tax consultant
who's up for handling a charity case?

*puppy dog eyes*


Simon Seow said...

Pam, you can print out the form online or you can go to LHDN to do online submission, they got counter there. Today will be the last day to submit. No extension. LHDN will be extending their operation time to 10 PM today. So better quickly do it, if not you might get penalty.

Freethinker said...

wah.. so last minute ar.

sheon said...

just go to any LHDN and get your e-filing PIN. and you can do everything in the comfort of your home, provided the LHDN servers dont hang lar...hhhaa.....

look at your pay slip, if there is an item for PCB deduction, that means you are taxable lor. i think the bracket is rm2500 and above. however, if your are earning around rm3k a month, chances are your insurance+kwsp+computer purchase deduction will help pull you outta the bracket. but you still have to register yourself lar nonetheless. hehehe...i did mine d, they'd have to refund me rm800+....happy!

sheon said...


things to prepare:
1) your EA form - your HR should have given you this earlier
2) your insurance declaration
3) your books/computers purchase receipts

have your EA form with you. and basically just transfer the numbers on your EA form into the E-filing form, ie your salary, bonus, incentives, allowance, kwsp.

your annual kwsp contribution + health/medic/life insurance will be lumped together get attain a deduction of rm6000(cap).

your books+pc purchase will see you get a deduction of rm3000(cap)

after you filled in all the info.. the e-filing will help you perform all the tabulations..and let you know how much you should pay/refund.

any queries you can text me, and i'll ask my tax-accountant fren right away.

good luck!

Melsong said...

Come back to Penang. Got people help you do income tax form. No need to stress.

Summore good food, decent hours, time to blog, people to wash and iron your clothes . . . why take hell when you can have heaven?

pamsong said...

ATTN: Simon Seow
– I don't even know where the LHDN is. -_- How much is the penalty? I think I should be prepared for it.

ATTN: Freethinker
– Ya lor. First time. Dunno how to do also. -_-

ATTN: sheon
– If dun have that PCB deduction thingy means no need to pay tax? If no need means no need to register and file?

ATTN: Melsong
– Haha. Tempting. Very tempting.

sheon said...

technically yes. with salary rm2500 and above is taxable. :)

sheon said...

but its better just to do it. even if your salary is just hovering about the taxable bracket.

goto the 'hasil' website and look for the nearest office around you lor. ask your seniors, they should know.

use the e-filing thing, its a breeze. really, last year's was a headache.

save the penalty payment, and buy me coffee sometime soon lar. :) thank you in advance.

Randy said...

Today last day weh..
Still haven't file eh?

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Okay, it's too late. I'm still at the office. But... some ppl say I'm not taxable, some ppl say I am. So... I also dunno lah. See how lah. Haha. Kena also means kena already lah. =( Also means you dun have free coffee. Haha.

ATTN: Randy
– Nope, never do yet. =(

Adrian Lim said...

Aiyoo....last minute job....*shakes head*

Aronil said...

I saw this and hear it on the radio (oh wait that was ( i hate them both. The stupid sites say to do stuff online but they arne't working. peh

pamsong said...

ATTN: Adrian Lim
– Yes. Admittedly, it is. Haha.

ATTN: Aronil
– Sien right??? I tried calling them to check on my status but... NO RESPONSE!!! Grrr.

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