Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leave Your Comment?

After more than a year of writing with Blogger (after my official shift from The Old Tinki Talks at Friendster Blogs), I finally got tired of seeing this old line:

"Leave your comment."

*rolls eyes*

Gawd, and I call myself a writer.


So shameful.

It's time to bergatal with my comment settings.

Settings > Comments > Comment Form Message
(If you're really that noob with blog templates and you need
directions lah. But don't worry. Nobody's judging.)

So from now onwards, dear comment leavers... what you guys will see, will be this deeply-thought-through, long-pondered continuation to 'Leave your comment':

I'm all for honest self-expression. Haha.


Have a bit of gratitude can or not???


*blink blink*

I think I have rage issues.

Anyway, fine. I know it's not a great line but it'll have to do for now, okay? Sorry lah but my Copywriter brain stopped functioning 5 minutes to midnight. My only problem now is that my body won't let me fall asleep. -_-


luxen said...

I got me an Iphone in London, playing with it now. Fun!

Anonymous said...


good morning...

pamsong said...

ATTN: luxen
– Wah! Why your life so fun wan? I also want! Your life, I mean. Not a big fan of the iPhone. =p

– Morning!

zecount said...

again cannot sleep .. did u take brands b4 u sleep?

luxen said...

the grass is always greener on the other side. How green is yours?

pamsong said...

ATTN: zecount
– Always also cannot sleep lah. Just that too much work so I rather do that than blog.

And no, I didn't take Brands before I slept.

ATTN: luxen
– The other side? Very.

My side? Not at all. Looks like shit.

Nikkiko said...

oo, that's cool, never knew that existed =X

anw yea, the net's full of weirdos, but thankfully thr are nice ppl too ^_^

Josh said...

Hello hello, I am currently reading your blog in the office ^_^

sheon said...

knn...my new desk at the regional HQ manyak susah....damn firewall...blocks everything i like. even tinkitalks..now i cant read tinki in the office...shit. yeah, i mean it.

sad.....and tired...sigh

Leon said...

I think you look hotter without the shades.

Simon Seow said...

Lol. I've been wanting to find this. Thanks for the tips.

Simon Seow said...

Do you know how to change '5 COMMENTS' to '5 ppl love PamSong'? 5 is a variable depending on how many comments.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Nikkiko
– Haha. Try messing with it. Quite cool. For a bit. =p

And yes. I've met my fair share of nice net ppl. Many thanks to blogging, Nuffnang and innit. =)

ATTN: Josh
– Hi, Josh! Nice to have you here. Haha. Lucky you, you get to surf blogs at work. Another reader of mine (the dude whose comment was just below your comment) was just saying that all blogs just got blocked by his administrator so now he can't read my blog at work no more. =(

ATTN: sheon
– Awww. So means we no more hearing from you until night time? =(

ATTN: Leon
– Haha. You like so the keluar topik. FOCUS, LEON! FOCUS!!!

ATTN: Simon Seow
– Haha. No worries. =) Have fun foolin' around with it. =p

For that second question, you'll need to mess with the html coding. Will walk you through it one day when I decide to bergatal with my template again. =)

sheon said...

wait till i settle down here in my new office(s) and residence first.. might be a week or two. so, have to get used to getting my comments once or twice a day for the time being....dun miss me yah?

still tired.....travelling around kedah and perlis ...

pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– Eh, everytime you shift, company cover wan ah?

Leon said...

You wanted to hear things that I meant with all my heart. So there you go. Better without the shades.

And a bit of cleavage won't hurt your popularity one bit even, I suppose.

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon
– HAHAHA. And with that, I say... LEON'S BACK! =p

Cleavage is so yesterday lah. Shoulders are in. Didn't you know? =p

Leon said...

No I don't knowthat. I've always been the cleavage & butt kindda guy.

Call me old fashioned, but hot butts, damn!

pamsong said...

ATTN: Leon
– I have to admit. I'm a butt and cleavage kinda girl too. I always check other girls out. =p

BUT... I don't put myself in a position to be checked out. So, no. I'm not selling my body for 2 extra readers a month. Thanks for the advice though. =p

Pet peeve. Ugly backs with pimple scars.

sheon said...


pamsong said...

ATTN: sheon
– WAH! So nice!

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