Sunday, July 01, 2007


Things just got too much to take.
First, birds. Then, rats. Now, ants.

(Yes, a rainbow finally appears.)

What the hell?! How to live like this!?
Fed up. I need to find a new place NOW.


DelvC said...

yeah ..come ohio least different things infest lah ..rabbit,squirel,bird,wild deer,posum, and many more ...u name it ..

DelvC said...

wey boring..u so busy kah ?remember to go online ..thats the only way i can contact you lah ..

pamsong said...

Haha. No thank you. Rabbit, squirrel, whatever! I dun care. I dun want any infestations. I have enough problems with rodents and insects as it is. Ugh.

Teruk lah. You US time, ok. See the time you reply comments I also scared. =p

Nisha said...

Yes babe...I am looking hard and soon...okay....


pamsong said...

I've got a website. I'm checkin' it out. Do take a look also, yah?

delvc said...

haha ..!!no lah ..the squirel very friendly ..not afraid of human ..
and the wild rabbit very cute ..early morning u can see rabbit in front of the house ..squirel is everywhere ...!!

pamsong said...

So you running here and there trying to take pics of them lah issit? Haha. Eh. Go catch then BBQ lah! Free dinner. =p

zecount said...

squirrel and rabbits ... mmmm ... nice .... delicious... deep fry the squirrels and have rabbit stew ... to die for man

erin said...

Move in with me!!!!!

But since you haven't responded, I take it you're not interested. =(

Sad.. It would've been fun to be roomies. ^^

pamsong said...

ATTN: Zecount
– Eeyer. I always knew you had it in you. Tsk tsk. Barbaric tendencies. Sigh.

ATTN: Erin
– Haha. Well, it would have been nice, dear. But my ex-housemate and I are thinking of getting an apartment to ourselves so we're kinda on the hunt right now.

Don't pout. Smile big big. =)

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