Friday, December 14, 2007

Let The Angels Sing Holy Holy!!!

So it all began with this to-die-for 'World Wrestling Champion of the Year' (so says some people) totally unaffordable belt from Topshop, right? Me being me, I just couldn't help but pop by for another look yesterday (just to whet my appetite for stuff I can't afford and feed my illicitly covetous desires)... and then I ended up MAKING A PURCHASE!!!


But, oh oh! Wait till you hear this:
It's a different smock-belt thingy altogether!


Not bad, right? Quite nice hor?

My favourite part of the price tag is
this little blue streak of marker.


Because of THIS!

It's on 70 PERCENT OFF, yo!

*does the Macarena*

I was initially still lusting over the other belt wan. But this sales representative tapped me on the shoulder and said in a thick Malay accent, "Miss, miss! U ken oso see all der bewlt ther hanging wan, tau? There punye ade 70% diskaun."


Do I really look that kiam siap?
Or cheap? Or like, just plain poor?!


Either way it's depressing.
My ego's officially bruised.


But what the hew. Haha. I got an RM126 smock-belt thingy (you know what, I'm just gonna call it belt from now on) for just 30 percent of its original price – RM37.80!!! THIRTY SEVEN RINGGIT AND EIGHTY SEN ONLY!!! I saved a whopping RM88.20!

*fans neck and pats forehead with a Kleenex*

Oh, be still my frantically palpitating heart. Over-excitement kills. And for a heavily discounted belt? So worth it not worth it lor.

But ohhh....

*heart melts*

Sooo wooorrrttthhh eeet!!!




Tonight I shall accessorise.

*contented sigh*


sabrina said...

Hahaha...good for you babe! :p

a.i. editor said...

I told you to wait for a sale.

Prices go down like like nobody's business huh.! Good bargain find, pamsong.

I like it (way better than your previous choice). Lol :)

It does not look too goldy but more like bronze huh, especially the accessories.

The best gold is real gold :)

pamsong said...

ATTN: sabrina
– Haha. Thanks!!!

ATTN: a.i. editor
– Haha. Yeah, thank goodness I didn't buy on impulse. =p

Real gold? When I make my millions, alright? Haha. Let's see if this blog gets me there eventually. HAHA.

a.i. editor said...

Pam, please tell me how you did the "" signature on your images, huh.

I would like a personalized look on my blog's pictures too :)

I hope its not too much of a hassle to make them.

Abby said...

WAH dat is sucha good steal, wuman!
happy happy golden christmasssss X)

pamsong said...

ATTN: a.i. editor
– Sure. I use Photoshop. It's a photo editing software that's used for design and all that. It's under Adobe. =)

ATTN: Abby
– Ya lor! So terror right? But I also made a pretty silly purchase at MNG just 3 days ago and it's now on sale. =(

If you wanna get anything from MNG, go now. It's a pretty good time. Haha. A lot of bargains and steals.

a.i. editor said...

Oh, then I can open the Adobe fotoshop software & automatically can have signature like yours is it?

Maybe you wrote on piece of paper first then scanned into fotosop, cut the outline magically, & saved it into a layer to copy on any image, huh.

pamsong said...

ATTN: a.i. editor
– Haha. Uh... I don't know where to start telling you now. What I do is that I key in the text onto a plain document, then I save it. So whenever I wanna use it, I just drag that layer and place it on top of my pictures loh. =)

No magic in that whatsoever. =p

Aronil said...

Hehehe u bought it JUSTTT for that event. Haiyoh... u and lisa ahh!!...

But ok fine I would've done the same.
70% off is forgivable.

a.i.editor - Hi, that's a very good effort to try, hehe but not that way man. :)The way you mentioned to get the signature can be done... but very the longgggg process. If you were kidding that was funny.

The easier way, is to use the Text tool on photoshop to type out your signature. Play with photoshop. It's an absolute dream program to have. :)

pamsong said...

I'm not typically a goldie girl, okay. I'm a WHITE gold kinda gal. Gold a bit aunty for my tastes lah.

And yes. Photoshop's a dream. =p

a.i. editor said...


oh yeah,

I knew that, text tool

PhhBbTTtt! :P

I noticed that the consistency of pam's signature is impeccable which is humanly impossible.

tsk..tsk..pam did not want to reveal the method to me.

Nice of you to do so, aronil :)

pamsong said...



Didn't I say key in the text onto a plain document!?

*in shock*


*stomps away*

a.i. editor said...


I totally missed looking at your particular comment, pam

Sorry :|

*blushing like a cooked lobster*

Aronil mentioned "just for that event"..what event huh?

Am I missing an "event"..? lol

a.i. editor said...

pam grunts..

Lol :)

pamsong said...


And yeah, it's an event. And no, I doubt you know anything about it. It's highly hush hush... as is a lot of stuff I talk about. Haha.

I grunt at ppl who defame me.

The Hitch said...

I think that you will find hitting somebody with an iron bar is a far better way of showing your displeasure, grunting doesnt work. (+:
You should visit my freind Eve, also malaysian chinese, shares your shopping habits (+:

luxen said...

cheesy belt

pamsong said...

ATTN: The Hitch
– Ooo. Iron bar. That sounds sooo enticing. Illegal but... SOOOO enticing. Haha

And who's Eve? Haha. I don't know an Eve. Or make that, I know a lot of Eves but I don't know YOUR Eve that shares my shopping habits. Hmmm. What habits might they be, anyways?

ATTN: luxen
– OH! Heartbreak.

Kirsten said...

dun fall for it, pam >_<

Kirsten said...

and pam, dun mind the thick malay accent representative..

prolly she has work there long enuff to kno when a shopper is debating internally on whether to make the purchase or not... her intention might be good

and its good to kno the value of money.. like how the advertisement on telly regarding inflasi sifar or is sum other.. bijak berbelanja?? if its RM126 for a formal dress that ya likey, will ya buy ??

pamsong said...

Fall for what?

And yeah, man. Thank goodness she pointed me in that direction. Haha. Wheeee! I have new belt belt!!! My bosses liked the belt. =p

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