Friday, May 27, 2011

Outward Bound

The Fiancé's wedding invitations, I mean.

Last night, over Skype, we finally consolidated most of his guest invite list, save for the handful who haven't yet provided him their mailing addresses. So this morning, I had the cards prepared, the envelopes printed, and the invitations sent out ASAP. (Gotta work fast cos the RSVP deadline is 19 June 2011. That's in a mere 3 weeks!! @_@)

Today's work pile.

 Invitations for "International" guests.

Invitations for Malaysian guests.

You know, snail mail is really getting so expensive to send these days. Back when The Fiancé and I were in college, courting and still communicating via snail mail, I distinctly remember it only cost us 30sen per letter. Today? The price has doubled! A basic letter now costs 60sen! Any heavier, and you pay even more! -_-''' And don't even get me started on international air mail, man. All in all, with our Save The Date cards and the current wedding invitations, a small fortune (!!) has already been donated to POS Malaysia. Mad. Now I know why so many people go with Facebook wedding invites these days. -_-'''


Lissa said...

Reuby got it already. :) I RSVP here can? XD Yes, we're coming! :P I'll send you a proper one later on. <.<

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– He got it earlier. Cos... I sent his out with my set. =p Haha. And yayyyy! See you in July! =D

Lissa said...

FOOIYOH! Upgrade to bride's side adi. :D :P You know I definitely will come. >.> *cough* <.< White cheongsams ftw.

Pam Song said...

ATTN: Lissa
– HAHA. No lah. No upgrade. Hahaha. (What a way to put it! =p) You're still on groom's side cos of your "connections" but I went ahead and sent your card cos I knew you were coming ma. Hahaha. No need to wait till he gives the OK.

White cheongsams FTW!

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